8 Simple Things You Can Do to Support Our Earth

“The earth is what we all have in common.”  –Wendell Berry

Earth Day celebrations big and small are taking place this time of year. But it’s not just what happens around April 22 that matters. The collective change we can make in our lives that benefits the environment is what will sustain the true meaning of Earth Day.

In honor of Earth Day – a single day to celebrate and a mission we can continuously live by – we’re sharing 8 simple things you can do to support our earth.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

There are hundreds of ways to adopt the 3 R’s and you’re probably doing many of them already. Recycling glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum and other metals is a no brainer. Consider buying products with little-to-no packaging, always shopping with reusable bags, drinking from refillable bottles and mugs, handmaking items rather than purchasing, and using cloth diapers, to name a few.

Your Support System: Having a great outlook and playing your part in the environment starts with your own comfort. Be sure you’re getting the best fit by measuring for bra size every 4 to 6 months. Rather than tossing your old bras, donate them or give them to organizations that will reuse the materials so they don’t end up in landfills. Also, chose reusable products such as our washable nursing pads.


Breastfeeding is the #1 thing you can do for your baby and among the top things you can do to support our earth. There’s a long cycle of environmental benefits to breastfeeding including not contributing to the vast resources involved in manufacturing, packaging, transporting and selling formula. Additionally, breastfed babies and their moms tend to be healthier and therefore less taxing on the healthcare system, which again is better for the environment.

Your Support System: While you don’t need much in order to breastfeed, having a supportive nursing bra or convenient nursing cami makes it a lot easier. Don’t forget sleep bras too, like our cooling bamboo crossover sleep bra. Be sure to wear the right styles for your stage of breastfeeding and level of activity.

Walk or Ride Your Bike

Walking or biking rather than driving are equally good for your body and the environment. Whenever possible, take the exercise route rather than hopping in your car. When you do need to drive, try to carpool and make sure your car is tuned up properly. Also, look for ways to take mass transit as an alternative.

Your Support System: While you’re supporting the planet, a great sports bra is supporting your body with flexible, breathable fabrics and “stay-put” features that allow you to move comfortably and stylishly. Check out our Wirefree Sports Bra and our Athleisure Nursing Sports Bra.

Clean Up Your Community

Get involved in local clean-up efforts at parks, recreation centers, rivers, lakes and other nature spaces. This is a terrific way to incorporate your entire family in the cause and make an impact right in your own community.

Your Support System: Your eco-friendly t-shirts for clean-up days call for soft, comfy t-shirt bras. You’ll love the way the compliment your shape and support your body from morning til night.

Conserve Energy in Your Home

By implementing small changes in your home, you can conserve resources and reduce your family’s toxic waste impact in major ways. Conserve water through smart laundering, dishwashing and showering practices. Conserve energy by switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs, adjusting the temperature in your home, and ensuring doors, windows and your roof are energy-efficient. To reduce toxic waste, switch to natural cleaning and personal care products.

Your Support System: Living cleaner and greener is healthier for you and your family, especially during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Remember, your baby is exposed to everything you are. And aren’t you working to support the earth for the wellbeing of future generations anyways?

Start a Garden

Gardening is not only a worthwhile hobby, good exercise, and source of pride and food for your own family. You can also share the fruits of your labor with friends as gifts. Whether you’re growing produce or flowers, consider this natural gift-giving initiative that is far less wasteful and incredibly meaningful too.

Your Support System: For gardening you’ll want a breathable cotton bra that moves with your body and offers gentle support. That’s the combo you’ll get in our bestselling Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra – also known as The Most Comfortable Bra in America.

Go Electronic

Do away with paper as much as possible by receiving bank statements, paying bills, and getting coupons online. While you’re at it, do your shopping online too! In our digital world working from home is becoming more and more of an option, and reducing commuters is better for the planet. Just remember, turn off your computer at night and unplug chargers when they are not in use.

Your Support System: Doing more from behind your computer means you can do more in your most comfortable leisure bras. They’re just what you need to power through work and play online.

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