Leading Lady Gives New Meaning to Support

As bra designers, it’s no secret we know a thing or two about support. We take pride in the fact that our products help women power through their days and enhance their lifestyles. But the support we provide at Leading Lady goes beyond the structure of our bras because we know a bra is just one piece of the pie that contributes to phenomenal women. We offer holistic support through philanthropic programs, educational resources, and a comprehensive line of premium products.

Read on to find out how Leading Lady gives new meaning to support.


Leading Lady’s philanthropic programs aim to uplift women who need it most. Our annual nursing bra donation during World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding month in August reaches thousands of women involved in breastfeeding support organizations. In 2017 we donated more than $350,000 in nursing bras to champion breastfeeding moms in local WIC, La Leche League, Reaching Our Sister Everywhere (ROSE), and Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA) groups. Along with partners like The Best for Babes Foundation, we aim to inspire moms and entire communities to advocate for breastfeeding.

On the local scene, Leading Lady sponsors WomenSafe, a non-profit domestic violence shelter and resource center that serves Northeastern Ohio. Leading Lady partners with WomenSafe annually to assist in fundraising events and other initiatives led by the agency. Our sponsorship and continual bra donations for women at the shelter supports the WomenSafe mission and helps local women regain confidence and normalcy during difficult circumstances.

We also come to the aid at unexpected times of need. Most recently we donated bras to women in remote locations of Texas who were displaced by devasting hurricanes in the fall of 2017. Some women lost every personal possession and didn’t have the means to purchase the simplest items, like a bra. Working with our partners at BMBFA, we were able to help women start fresh in the wake of tragedy.


Empowering women with knowledge is another pillar of our holistic support system. When women are informed, they can make the best decisions for their health, families, and personal wellbeing. Our blog is a wealthy resource on subjects that are relevant to the everyday lives of women. From nutrition, fitness, and breastfeeding, to community involvement, fashion, and self-improvement, we cover what you want to know on our newly remodeled blog. Come check out our three featured sections: Our Solutions, Our Moms and Our Community to get the latest.

While you’re browsing the website, download our breastfeeding handbook. This one-stop resource helps moms on dozens of topics including breastfeeding positions, pumping, avoiding breast infections, and the best nursing bras for every stage of breastfeeding, to name a few. We know breastfeeding can be challenging but with the right support, moms can give their babies the very best nutrition through breast milk. Print our breastfeeding handbook or visit us often to reference this incredibly helpful guide.


When it comes to full figure bras and nursing bras, Leading Lady is second to none in our lifestyle offerings. Since 1939 we have been masterfully tailoring bras, so we understand every woman’s body is beautifully unique. We’ve perfected our features to ensure you’re getting the most out of every bra and every wear. And we also know you need a comprehensive selection to meet your lifestyle needs and your personal taste.

We pour over the details like padded straps, extra adjustability features, innovative cooling technology, and smoothing zones. And while we hope you enjoy our efforts, we also hope you barely notice you’re wearing a bra except for an overwhelming feeling of comfort and support.

As specialty bra designers, we’re able to capture what women need most from their bras. Women with large breasts need supportive plus size bras that will take pressure off other areas and lift their bustline. Women who need large bands and small cups often struggle to find their sizes but Leading Lady is stocked for a variety of body types. And women who are pregnant and nursing need the support, comfort, and convenience of our maternity bras, nursing bras, and nursing tank tops.

Our website categories make it clear and easy to find what you need, whether that’s underwire bras or wirefree bras, sleep and leisure bras, or bras for everyday style and comfort. Plus, our special styles like our Cotton Latex Free Bra and easy-to-dress front-closure bras support women with allergies and limited mobility.


As our name suggests, we believe every woman is a “leading lady” in her own corner of the world. Our philanthropic programs, resources, and products support women in each and every endeavor on her journey.

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