Giving Comfort, Support and Love this Mother’s Day

Giving Comfort, Support & Love this Mother's Day


Happy Mother’s Day to moms, new and veteran! Whether you’re expecting, cradling a newborn, nursing your fifth baby, or have grown children, we hope this special holiday reminds you how much you are loved, needed, and appreciated by your family.

A mother’s job is one of the most important roles of a lifetime and certainly one that never ends. Your tireless devotion and endless love for your children is nothing short of heroic. That’s why you deserve a little dose of your own TLC this Mother’s Day. While you’re giving everyone else comfort, support, love, and your unique blend of innovation and personality, we’re here to pay it forward – with bras of course!

Just like moms, Leading Lady’s bras offer essential qualities that make you look and feel exceptional, inspire confidence, and uplift your spirit every single day. If your bras aren’t doing that for you, it’s time to invigorate your bra wardrobe.

Here are the mom-like qualities what you should be looking for in your bras:


From before birth until adulthood, your children depend on you, mom, for comfort, compassion, and care. Our bras are right there with you, comforting your every inch with soft, breathable fabrics, adjustability features, and the functionality you need for your daily activities. The bras in our sleep and leisure collection are especially cozy for days and nights filled with cuddles and relaxation. And our everyday bras and nursing tank tops share that same value. Our Dreamy Comfort full cup lace and half cup lace full figure bras are incredibly comfortable and available in sizes 36A to 52G. For nursing moms, our cotton wirefree bras (2-pack) are exactly what you need to stay comfortable all-day.


Who’s your child’s biggest fan? No doubt, it’s you! Support comes in many forms but it all stems from a loving boost and wanting the best for your children. Similarly, your bras should support your frame and lift you in every way possible. That usually starts with a great fit, followed by support features like reinforced underwire, molded rounded cups, and padded straps. Nursing bras with an inner sling offer extra support when moms need it most, and bras with side-to-back smoothing zones are incredibly flattering and supportive 360 degrees.

Style & Innovation

Your unique parenting style and mom-genuity is one of the many things your kids love about you. As master problem-solver, family stylist, and nurturer, you’re wearing a lot of hats. Your bras should multi-task too, and make you look fabulous at the same time. When it comes to style, you’re going to love the vibrant colors, patterns, and details we offer. And our lace collection will simply make you melt. Breastfeeding moms will appreciate stylish nursing bras and products that work with your lifestyle, like our athleisure sports nursing bra and our cool fit nursing bra that keeps you fresh all day long.

You are the best mom your children will ever have. This Mother’s Day, as they celebrate you, make sure your bras are paying it forward. You deserve to experience the love, comfort, support and unique attributes you bring to your children every day.

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