What Do You Know About Bras? Take Our Bra Quiz and Find Out!

You probably wear one every day, and perhaps at night too, but how much do you know about bras?

Hopefully you are fond of your bras. After all, they offer comfort, support, enhanced shaping, and a style that is all your own. And for something that is such a part of your life, you should probably know a bit about it. We’re testing your knowledge with our bra quiz to see if you’re an expert or need a refresher.

Leading Lady Bra Quiz

1) What is the most common bra size?

A - 38B
B - 36C
C - 40D
D - 38C
E - 36D


2) Which of these is a sign your bra is too small?

    A - Your bra straps dig into your shoulders.
    B- The cups are gaping.
    C - Your breasts shift from side-to-side during movement.
    D - The straps slip off your shoulders on the tightest setting.
    E - Your breasts sag.


    3) Which of these is a sign your bra is too large?

    A - You always wear your bra on the tightest setting.
    B - The center seam doesn’t lie flat against your sternum
    C - Your breasts shift, bounce or sag, especially during movement.
    D - Your breasts hang below the band.
    E - Your breasts spill over the top of the cups.


      4) The average breast weighs approximately…

        A - 2 pounds
        B - 3 pounds
        C - ½ pound
        D - 1 pound
        E - ¾ pound


          5) Which of these facts about breasts is true?

            A - One breast is often larger than the other.
            B - Side and stomach sleeping can alter breast shape when breasts aren’t supported.
            C - Breasts may change with age, weight fluctuations, and hormonal shifts.
            D - Breasts stretch when they are not properly supported during exercise.
            E -  All of the above.


              6) Which of these facts is false about your breasts during pregnancy?

                A - You may be able to produce breast milk as early as the second trimester.
                B - Breasts tend to expand to prepare for breastfeeding
                C - Hormones cause breasts and nipples to shrink.
                D - Moms-to-be should transition to maternity bras as soon as regular bras become tight.
                E - Breasts may be more sensitive than usual and can be itchy.


                  7) Which of these is least likely during breastfeeding?

                      A - Your bra size will increase during breastfeeding.
                      B - Breastfeeding will come easy and you will never struggle.
                      C - Nursing bras and nursing tank tops make breastfeeding simpler.
                      D - Your breast size will fluctuate for the first several months of breastfeeding.
                      E - Your breasts will unexpectedly leak or squirt breast milk at some point.


                        8) What type of bras are most important in your wardrobe?

                          A - T-shirt Bras
                          B - Sleep Bras
                          C - Sports Bras
                          D - Lace Bras
                          E - All of the above


                            9) Which are these is not an essential objective of sports bras?

                              A - A lose fit so breasts have room to move around.
                              B - A snug fit to prevent shifting and bouncing.
                              C -  Breathability to wick away moisture and prevent chafing.
                              D - No slip straps.
                              E -  Support from the straps, cups and band.


                                10) When is it not appropriate to wear a t-shirt bra?

                                  A - With a suit to work.
                                  B - Under a t-shirt.
                                  C - With a cute dress.
                                  D - During a workout.
                                  E -  With a tank top.


                                    11) Which of these features describe a sleep bra?

                                      A - Soft, breathable fabric.
                                      B - Front-closure or pullover design.
                                      C - Stretchy yet supportive material.
                                      D - Comfort straps.
                                      E - All of the above.


                                        12) Which of these is not true of nursing bras?

                                          A -  Nursing bras have easy one-hand nursing clasps or slide-over cups.
                                          B - Underwire nursing bras restrict breast milk production.
                                          C - Nursing bras come in many styles including sports bras, lace bras and t-shirt bras.
                                          D - Wearing a nursing sleep bra makes nighttime breastfeeding easier.
                                          E - Nursing bras should be adjustable and flexible for size fluctuations.


                                            Answers: 1) B, 2) A, 3) C, 4) D, 5) E, 6) C, 7) B, 8) E, 9) A, 10) D, 11) E, 12) B.

                                            How many did you get right?

                                            10-12 correct answers: Congratulations, you’re pretty much an expert!

                                            6-9 correct answers: Good job, you know your stuff!

                                            4-5 correct answers: You’re getting there!

                                            0-3 correct answers: You’ve gotta start somewhere. Read our blog so you can become a bra whiz!

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