Our Breastfeeding Mission: Why Leading Lady Supports Breastfeeding

For over 75 years, Leading Lady has operated under the same wholesome values:

  • Breastfeeding improves and saves lives
  • Successful breastfeeding requires support in every sense of the word
  • Women are the heart of nourishing babies and families
  • Women are multi-faceted and have robust lifestyles
  • When women are “lifted” they are powerful “Leading Ladies”

Our story began with one man who recognized the need to support mothers on a journey to nurture their babies through breastfeeding. It’s one of the most simple, natural acts on the planet but it’s not always an easy road. What could make it easier? Nursing bras, of course!

While at one point a luxury, our founder brought the need for nursing bras to the medical community in 1939. After all, breastfeeding is a matter of health and well-being for babies, mothers, families and entire communities. And with just the right amount of support – from trained professionals and convenient nursing bras – women can be more successful.

Now, decades later, Leading Lady is still operated by the same family that believes in the same principles. The root of health begins with the most nutritious first food, breast milk. Through education, resources, philanthropic efforts, and innovative products, Leading Lady supports this basic philosophy that has extreme benefits for our world.

We’re also passionate about breastfeeding because we’re passionate about women. We aim to enrich our customers, not only by making them more comfortable, but also with knowledge, inspiration, and self-confidence. Our brand has even evolved to meet the needs of women in every walk of life with our collection of everyday, sleep, sport,  special occasion bras and more.

In our experience working with strong women, we’ve learned that the most successful ones support one another. We’re proud to be among the support systems breastfeeding moms create to improve their journey and uplift other moms along the way. We have seen first-hand how breastfeeding communities make a difference by giving mothers the encouragement, motivation, and education to be successful.

August is National Breastfeeding Month and we’re still cheering for breastfeeding moms as loudly as ever. Our annual nursing bra donation campaign supports moms across the nation, many of whom would not be able to afford nursing bras. Our partnerships with breastfeeding support organizations including WIC, Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, La Leche League, and Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association allow us to meet strong moms who are working hard to nurture their babies. We’re honored to remain at the center of breastfeeding advocacy – exactly where moms are.

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