5 Springtime Workouts with Your Baby

As the weather warms, taking your baby outdoors for fresh air and fitness is a terrific way to spend time together. You will get your daily exercise, enjoy stress relief, and you’ll both benefit from the stimulation of the great outdoors. If you’ve been cooped up most of the winter, springtime workouts with your baby will reenergize your mommy-and-me adventures and breathe new life into your fitness routine.

Encourage a love of nature and the value of physical fitness with these fun springtime workouts with your baby:


Springtime workouts with your baby don’t have to be complicated. Simply walking while pushing your baby in a stroller is a wonderful way to get started. Look for hills to intensify your walks when you’re ready or set a timer for power-walking intervals. If you have a baby who fusses in the stroller or you want more of a challenge, wear your baby on walks instead.

Walking with friends can make your outings more social too. If you don’t have any new mom friends in your area, look for a stroller group such as Stroller Strides.

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Feeling a little more adventurous? Strap your baby in a sturdy baby carrier and find a moderate hiking trail nearby to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Talk about all the beautiful scenery along your nature hike and be sure to point out animal sounds as well. For safety purposes, save the steep slopes and extremely rocky terrain for days when your baby is not in tow.

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Perhaps you’re ready for more intense cardio. If you have suitable stroller, jogs or a jog/walk combo make excellent springtime workouts with your baby. Your baby may love the sensation of flying through the streets with mommy at the wheel.

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Strength Training

Forget the free weights and resistance bands. Little ones and strollers are the perfect accessories for springtime workouts with your baby. Find an amusing place to park your stroller that offers your baby brain-stimulating sight-seeing, such as a neighborhood playground or park. Using your stroller’s handle for balance, do a set of squats, lunges, calf raises and pliés.

Next, take your baby out of the stroller for more interactive exercises. Spread out a blanket, ideally on grass or soft turf, and get to it. Lift your baby over your head and straight forward to hit your shoulders from multiple directions. Then cradle her in your arms like a scoop for bicep curls. Lay your baby on the blanket and hover over her adorable face for motivation during planks and push-ups. Rest her on your belly for added resistance during crunches and pelvic lifts. Finally, snuggle and engage her while doing reclining leg-lifts, side planks, “superman” raises, and reverse crunches.

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Mommy and Me Yoga

Steal some moves from your mommy and me yoga class and bring them to the park or your very own backyard. Or better yet, find a class that meets outdoors this spring. You and your baby can discover, strength, balance, and flexibility while you connect through this mind-body exercise.

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