7 Unusual but Common Things that Happen to You While Breastfeeding

As natural as breastfeeding is, it doesn’t always come easy and it isn’t without its quirks. After all, we’re talking about an extraordinary act between a new tiny human being and your ever-changing body. Strange things are bound to occur!

Being a new mom can often feel isolating, but in truth you are not alone, even in the weirdness that is plaguing your breastfeeding experience. And that’s why we’re sharing 7 unusual but common things that happen to you while breastfeeding.

1.Your Breasts Leak and You Don’t Even Know It

You’d think you would notice if you had a big wet spot on your shirt. But it’s highly likely that your breasts will leak at some point and you won’t even know it. Sometimes leaks occur when it’s feeding time, but your baby is not ready to eat. Other times you might be thinking of your bundle of joy or hear another baby cry and you unknowingly leak breast milk. This is when nursing pads come in super handy to keep your nursing bra and shirt dry.

2.Your Breasts Fluctuate from “Hard as a Rock” to “Squishy Sponge” Regularly

Although it’s important to monitor your breasts’ fullness to avoid engorgement, it is completely normal for your breasts to feel very full at the beginning of a feeding and limp and empty by the end. In fact, that’s a good sign. It means your baby has drained your breast completely. When this happens, don’t fret over your milk supply. Empty breasts give the signal for your body to produce more milk. Your stock will be ready by the next feeding.

During this stage of breastfeeding, be sure to wear stretchy nursing bras that will keep up with your milk fluctuations. (This 2-pack is popular, as is this wirefree piece.)

3.You Have Extreme Emotions…Like When You Were Pregnant

Perhaps you thought your emotions would be back under your control once you delivered your baby. Thanks to a new combination of hormones, breastfeeding can lead to a whole new range of emotions. From elation and ultimate love and bonding with your baby, to periods of anxiety, irritability and helplessness. Breastfeeding emotions run the gamut.

It’s also common to feel extreme thirst, hunger and have night sweats. At times breastfeeding gives new meaning to the term, “hot mess!” FYI: We designed this bra with cooling technology to help regulate temperature for those experiencing that annoying symptom.

4.Your Breasts Grow a Lot, but One is Bigger than the Other

It’s no secret your breast size increases during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is yet another way your body is extraordinary as it prepares you for motherhood.

But you might notice one breast is larger than the other. Weird, but totally normal! Your breasts probably started off a little disproportionate, but the hormone-induced growth spurt makes it even more obvious. A lightly padded nursing bra such (like this one) can hide the imbalance if you’re self conscious.

5.You Accidentally Squirt Breast Milk

When it’s time to feed, your breasts may unleash with full fury. Just preparing to breastfeed can sometimes lead to sprays of breast milk on anyone or anything. The unexpected squirt can also happen if your baby unlatches during a feeding, especially during a forceful letdown. It’s equally funny and embarrassing, just know that you’re not alone.

6.Your Entire Life Revolves Around Breastfeeding (for a while)

Little did you know that you would now live your life on a 2-3-hour timetable, day and night. Forget any sense of a normal schedule. You’re on baby time now, and as his or her only food supply you’re never off the clock. Fortunately, this stage only lasts for a few months, and then breastfeeding can be done at more decent hours. Remember, nursing tank tops help you discreetly breastfeed anywhere so you can actually leave your house once in a while!

7.You Feel a Sisterhood with Other Breastfeeding Moms, Even Strangers

Motherhood is a bonding experience and breastfeeding magnifies that connection. Whether it’s with your own mom, sister, friends or strangers, there is a pride and sisterhood that comes with breastfeeding. This community is incredibly helpful when breastfeeding gets tough and you need a tribe to lift you up. And with this badge of honor, you too can support other moms on their breastfeeding journey.

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