Expert Mom Tips for Spring Outings

Getting out and about with your baby now that the weather is warming can be such fun. Sure, it may be daunting at first, but your great adventures will far outweigh a few bumps in the road. All you need is a little confidence and some expert mom tips for spring outings. So gather some ideas and let’s hit the road, moms!

Expert Mom Tips for Spring Outings

Pack Your Bag the Night Before

Heading out with your baby can be stressful, especially the first few outings. Packing your diaper bag at the last minute will have you flustered and inevitably leaving something important behind. Gather what you need the night before, including: diaper supplies, nursing supplies (we’ll get to that in a minute!), a change of clothes, a few distraction toys, snacks and water for yourself, and a means of transportation for your baby, whether that’s a car seat carrier, stroller, or sling.

Be Prepared to Nurse Anywhere at Any Time

Sure, you might have fed your baby right before you left home but your little one isn’t keeping track of time. When she’s hungry, she’s hungry and she’ll let you know it! You’ll fair much better if you’re prepared for nursing when you’re out and about with your baby.

Nursing camis are ideal for simple access while breastfeeding in public. On cooler days throw on a cardigan over a nursing layering tank top. This classic cotton style is versatile for any season and is the perfect length for layering or wearing solo. Our nursing top is also ultra-flattering and features a stylish lace-accented racer back design.

For discreet and distraction-free breastfeeding our nursing cover is perfect. The lightweight, breezy fabric creates a breathable barrier for your baby and doubles as a scarf. And don’t forget your nursing pads to avoid messy leaks. These washable, reusable absorbent pads are simple to tuck away in your diaper bag.

Wear Your Baby

Baby-wearing can be heaven-sent for spring outings. You’ll have your hands free and your baby will love snuggling close to you. Plus, breastfeeding in a sling or baby carrier is a no-brainer. Throw your nursing cover over it and keep trucking along.

Be Strategic with Your Outings

Some babies do better than others with long outings. If yours is happier with brief engagements, keep your trips short. With an infant, getting out once a day is quite a feat. For babies who can tolerate longer stretches away from home, be strategic about where you go to avoid getting in-and-out of the car to many times. Walking to a park is always fun. Or hitting up a shopping center or mall where you can run multiple errands at once is a great idea, even if it is further away from home. Also consider whether your baby is happier being away from home when she’s awake or if naptime is best for your outings.

Accessorize Your Stroller

For outings that require a stroller, use your mom-genuity to ensure it suits your needs. Expert moms have come up with the most brilliant stroller hacks. Like reusing a shoe organizer to add plenty of cup holding space or clipping a utility bag to your stroller with carabiners for extra storage. Prevent your stroller from tipping by wrapping ankle weights on the legs.  Keep your baby cool with a homemade chill pad and clip-on electric fan. And for tall parents, extend the handlebars with PVC pipes. The possibilities are endless.

Accept Help

As super mom, it can be hard to accept help from others. But super moms are only stronger when they do. If you can’t pick up a bulky item because you’re wearing your baby, or you need help opening a door to push your stroller through, ask for help. And if someone wants to make silly faces at your baby from a distance when you’re deciding between a latte and an espresso, that’s OK too.

Breathe & Stay Calm – You’ve Got This

Parenting is full of expected events. If your baby has a complete meltdown or she experiences a major diaper blow out, it’s really not the end of the world, even if it feels that way in the moment. Tackle issues in stride, take deep breaths, and know that not every spring outing will be perfect. It’s your resilience and positively that make an impression on your baby. You can do it and each time you do, it will get easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

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