Last Minute Tips for Keeping your Family Happy for the Holidays

Last Minute Tips for Keeping your Family Happy for the Holidays

All the plans and preparations for your holiday season are about to unfold. The excitement is building and everyone is looking forward to gathering for family, friendship, love and joy. Don’t let a few hiccups get in your way of a bright and festive holiday. We’re sharing tips for keeping your family happy for the holidays so you all have your best yet:

Simplicity is Bliss

Especially with little ones around, the old anagram KISS – keep it simple silly – is the way to go. Elaborate décor and slaving for days over just one meal is lost on kids most of the time. Instead, simplify your holiday plans to ensure you are able to spend your time where it counts…with your family. This may entail delegating, crossing off entire sections of your to-do list or menu, or just taking a few short-cuts.

Good Enough is the New Perfect

Along the same lines as simplicity is dropping the perfect act. No one is buying it anyways. Perfect doesn’t exist so don’t make unrealistic expectations for yourself and others. Kids will be kids, adults will be adults. If you lower the bar, you’ll likely be able to relax and enjoy your holiday festivities much more.

Be Mindful of Meaning

Whether your holiday is simply about being together and cherishing love, or if you celebrating religiously and remembering greatness from the past, participate in the holidays in ways that bring you true meaning. After all, that’s what this season is all about. Keeping your eye on this goal can also help you stress less and love more.

Fun is Only Fun if it’s Fun

If going to the Nutcracker makes you want to take a nap or if caroling is your own personal torture, don’t do it! Checking off boxes of what is supposed to be fun during the holidays is not necessarily going to ensure your family has fun. Do what your family finds fun even if that’s having a picnic on the ground under a sheets-and-blankets fort using only flashlights to see. Quality fun beats the checklist every time.

Root Yourself in Tradition

Family holiday traditions are a special way for everyone to celebrate. Not only will you have memories of past holiday traditions, they are something your entire family can look forward to year-after-year. Family holiday traditions can be super easy like creating handprint ornaments or making holiday wishes on stars.

Dig Deep

When schedules are off and you’re running from place-to-place to get it all done, everyone’s patience can wear thin. The last thing you want to do is take your stress out on your family, especially your little ones. Dig deep to find extra patience and compassion during the holiday season. And if someone breaks the rules a little, perhaps you can let it slide in the name of keeping your family happy for the holidays.

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