What is a Nursing Vacation?

Baby breastfeeding while mother sits with her legs crossed

As a new mom you may feel you need a vacation, but a nursing vacation is not that kind of trip. A nursing vacation is a 36-48 hour period where you and your baby snuggle in for some serious skin-to-skin and breastfeeding time around the clock. There are tremendous benefits to taking a nursing vacation and we’re sharing them today.

Sync Up

Nursing vacations are an excellent practice to start when your baby is a newborn. Her tiny little body is not yet ready to handle the great big world she’s recently entered and she needs your support in more ways than you can imagine.

Skin-to-skin contact and being wrapped in your warmth makes your baby feel at home and at ease, like she was in the womb. She can hear and feel the faint sounds of your heartbeat and she’s encompassed by your familiar sent. Of course the unique odor of your breast milk also entices her to want to eat.

While these may seem like emotional comforts, they are also helping your baby’s body regulate by stabilizing her temperature and heartbeat. Plus, breast milk nourishes her body in every way so she can grow and develop.

Learn Your Baby

Your baby is constantly giving you cues about what she needs but deciphering her code may be rather difficult at first. After spending significant time with your baby, you will learn to read her like a book. A nursing vacation can kick-start this soulful connection and help you quickly pick up on your baby’s signals for hunger, tiredness, pain and need for affection.

Increase Your Milk Supply

When new moms feel their milk supply is low, experts recommend a nursing vacation to boost breast milk production. The consistent skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding on demand should stimulate greater production. Whenever you feel your milk supply is low, try ramping up the together time and breastfeeding more often. Stimulation plus frequent feedings are the best way to increase milk supply.

Rest and Relax

It’s utterly exhausting being a new mom. During a nursing vacation you can solicit help so your other responsibilities are not an issue. You and your little one can lay in bed for much needed rest and relaxation. This is especially helpful after a stressful birth or after a major event, say, the holidays. When you’re not singing and caressing your baby or breastfeeding, you can both sleep, rest and rejuvenate together.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Particularly in winter, it’s awesome to plan a nursing vacation to keep yourself and your baby safe, warm and away from nasty germs. Your baby’s immune system is immature and weak but skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding boosts her immunity. While you’re giving her antibodies and staying away from potentially harmful microbes, you are also reaping some terrific health benefits too.

We hope you enjoy each nursing vacation on your journey through motherhood!

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