New Year, New Moms – The Best Resources for New Moms

Being a new mom is full of excitement and joy, but it is also daunting and overwhelming at the same time. Whether you’re a new mom or a new mom all over again, you probably need a little guidance every now and then. And while there is absolute truth to the fact that every baby is different, there’s value in learning from experts and other moms who have gone before you. Going it alone is a quick way to insanity but seeking the best resources for new moms is a sign of a smart, caring mother who’s looking for the best strategies in parenting.

If this sounds like you, check out these best resources for new moms by topic:

General Health

Your pediatrician is the #1 go-to resource for your baby’s health from the very first day. And you’ll be seeing your pediatrician quite a bit in the first year. But you can’t schedule an appointment or call in for every last question and that’s when pediatrician published websites like Healthy Children and Bundoo come in handy. Healthy Children is the official parental information resource of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Bundoo is also written by a group of pediatricians who are moms. Both offer advice and research-based facts on everything related to your baby’s health including nutrition, immunizations, sleep, developmental stages and much more. You can also look to books like What to Expect the First Year or the AAP’s Your Baby’s First Year.

Practical Infant Care

Once you get through the critical health concerns all new parents have, you’ll spend a lot of your time on the nitty gritty of caring for your baby. From bathing, boppys, and burping, to cribs, car seats, and crying, websites like Baby Center, Parents, Parenting, Babble, The Bump, New Parent, Pregnancy & Newborn, Romper and provide a wealth of practical knowledge to get you through the toughest parts of being a new mom.


Breastfeeding support in the form of websites, books, apps, lactation consultants, and friends and family, are among the best resources for new moms. Breast milk is the perfect first food for your baby and the AAP recommends exclusively breastfeeding for at least six months and continued breastfeeding for a year or more. But breastfeeding doesn’t come easy for all moms. In fact, most moms report bumps along the road. Seeking help immediately and working through the issues will help you meet your baby’s most basic need of phenomenal nutrition.

Lactation consultants and breastfeeding support groups are always a great place to start. Professionals are usually able to quickly diagnose breastfeeding problems and offer practical solutions. You can usually find one through your OBGYN, hospital or pediatrician. Check with your insurance to see if your visits are covered. Also, look to local support groups at WIC offices, La Leche League chapters, and other community-based mom organizations. Simply talking through your concerns and getting moral support from other moms can be incredibly valuable.

Most health and infant care websites and books will touch on breastfeeding. But if you need more in-depth resources, check out Kelly Mom, Breastfeeding Basics, Breastfeeding Inc, and La Leche League online or books such as a Breastfeeding Made Simple, Nursing Mother’s Companion, and So That’s What They’re For.  Apps can help you track breastfeeding including times of feedings, length of feedings, and which breast(s) your baby suckled. Books like Work. Pump. Repeat and websites like Exclusive Pumping support moms who pump.

Leading Lady is also a wonderful resource for breastfeeding moms. While you’re shopping for nursing bras and nursing tank tops, you can browse Breastfeeding A-Z that provides valuable information on a variety of breastfeeding topics. There you can download our free breastfeeding handbook. The “Our Moms” section of our blog is dedicated to sharing practical info to help new moms. Plus, our products – including nursing bras, maternity bras, nursing tank tops, maternity tank tops, and maternity support gear – are designed to support moms on their breastfeeding journey by making this essential act of love more comfortable, convenient and stylish.


Apps are usually the best way to track, well, everything about your baby. And there’s an app for pretty much everything you’d need to track, including sleep time, diapers, feedings, pumping, milestones, and photos. You can even find apps that recommend baby-friendly restaurants and public bathrooms with clean changing areas.

Inspiration and Laughter

When you’re in the weeds, sometimes you need a good laugh or cry as a release. That’s when you can look to resources that tug at your heartstrings or make you burst out in laughter. Social media is always a great place to start. Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are full of heartful and hilarious parenting memes, moments and stories. If you’re looking for something uplifting in a longer format, check out snarky mom websites like Scary Mommy, Mother Humor, and The Bearded Iris, among many others.


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