Our Wish to New Moms on Valentine’s Day

Being a new mom on Valentine’s Day brings out a special kind of love. An unconditional love like no other between a mother and her child. With a baby by your side, you may be celebrating this Valentine’s Day differently than in years past, but it’s still full of joy, affection, devotion, and of course, lots of love.

With a new era underway, we want to offer you our wish to new moms on Valentine’s Day:

  • Cherish the loving moments; They go by so fast. The tiny baby of today will soon become a child, teenager and adult. Almost in the blink of an eye you’ll watch your baby transform into an amazing little person under your watchful, loving care. Even when the days (and nights) seem long, the years go by so fast.
  • Breastfeeding is the greatest gift of health you can offer your child. Treasure the “ups” and persevere through the “downs.” It’s worth all of the effort you put into it and will pay off in so many ways now and in the future.
  • Embody the woman and the mother you want to be. Your children are always watching and being a positive role model will teach them to be better, stronger people. Being a mother isn’t about perfection, it’s about being real. Show your children you’ve got grit because that’s what it takes to be excellent.
  • Don’t forget the love that created your beautiful baby. Among the exhilaration and overwhelming task of caring for your baby, your partner is equally as important. Nurture that relationship into parenthood. Hold on to special moments of the past and grow together on this new journey.
  • You will be a better mother if you prioritize things that make you happy. That means taking a time out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate in your own way. This may take the form of exercise and physical activities, or sleeping in and having a veg day. Or it may be spending time with friends or having a date with your husband. Whatever keeps you refreshed and recharged, make it happen regularly.
  • Foster an environment of kindness, compassion, learning and respect in your home. Model it, teach it and reinforce it as your baby grows. These character values will serve your child well every step of the way and it’s never too early to initiate them.
  • Find wonder through the lens of your children. Experience their adventures as if they were your own. It will keep you young, connected and in-tune with your ever-changing child.
  • Do motherhood your own way. It’s amazing to get advice and learn from veteran moms, but ultimately you should be your own kind of mama, even if it is unconventional, wacky or doesn’t make sense to others. Your unique touch is what your kids will love about you.
  • Nothing is forever. When you’re struggling through rough patches, know that this phase in your child’s development will pass. And when everything is copasetic, treasure and appreciate it because that, too, may not last.

Happy Valentine’s Day, new moms! We wish you much love and joy on this special holiday!

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