Nursing Tank Tops – Your Summer Affair!

It’s tank top season, moms! As a new mom, you can wear cool, trendy tops AND get the convenience of a nursing bra all in one with Leading Lady’s collection of nursing tank tops. These nursing camis are made for you this summer and they couldn’t be more versatile for everything on your agenda. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll be as obsessed with them as we are by summer’s end!

Having fun with your baby this summer is more comfortable than ever in our nursing tank tops. That’s because they are all made with soft, breathable cotton blends. Plus, they have built-in inner slings to support your breasts and adjustable straps to help you find your best fit.

But don’t be fooled into thinking all this comfort isn’t going to look good. We’ve tailored our nursing camis to flatter a new mom’s body. With styles including empire waists, longer lengths, racer backs, and fitted bottom seams, we know how to compliment your shape.

Plus, we have colors and patterns that will match your personal style. From our striped Seamless Cotton Nursing Cami, to our polka dot Shirred Front Comfort Nursing Cami, these are the on-trend pieces that will personalize your summer wardrobe. Or go with a pop of color like azalea or cloud blue in our Nursing Top, or a hint of red in our Modern Square Neck Nursing Cami. Plus our classic Nursing Cami and most of our other styles come in neutrals that compliment every outfit.

Nursing tank tops are incredibly versatile for summer. You can dress them up or dress them down. Wear them to bed, to the beach, or to the ballpark. Style them under dresses or pair them with shorts, skirts or leggings. The possibilities are as endless as your love for your new bundle of joy.

Need some inspiration? Here are our top 10 ways to wear your nursing tank tops this summer:


10) With an athletic skirt for walking or jogging with your baby.

9) Paired with cute shorts for an outing to a park.

8) Under a wrap dress for lunch with the girls.

7) With a pair of skinny jeans and heals for a night at the movies.

6) As pajamas with your favorite PJ pants.

5) With cotton shorts to the pool or splash pad.

4) Under a blazer for a business meeting.

3) With leggings for yoga class.

2) Paired with a skirt for an afternoon at a museum.

1) With a hoodie or cardigan while traveling this summer.


With these great ways to wear nursing tank tops, and the ones you come up with on your own, we know you’ll look and feel incredible this summer! Enjoy the sunshine and your summer affair with nursing tank tops.

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