4 Nursing Bras to Start Off your New Year

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Happy New Year, mamas! Whether you’re expecting your new bundle of joy in 2018 or you’re already enjoying motherhood, having the right nursing bras can start off your New Year on the right note.

Your nursing bras support your breastfeeding journey in every way imaginable. It’s no secret that nursing bras literally support your breasts, which is more important than ever as they may become larger and heavier during breastfeeding. Your nursing bras also support your upmost comfort to help you feel good as you transition into motherhood. And of course nursing bras offer easy breastfeeding access either from one-handed nursing clasps, slide-over cups or front-closure styles.

At Leading Lady we believe nursing bras support your lifestyle too. As you look ahead and envision yourself in the New Year, what will you be doing? Each of the occasions you imagine for yourself needs a nursing bra to support you throughout the year.

We bet you’ll be lounging and cuddling with your baby quite a bit. That’s why our collection of sleep and leisure bras are absolutely dreamy for new moms. With front closures so you never have to lie on uncomfortable clasps, these styles stretch to your new mom heart’s content. Soft breathable fabrics have just the combination of support and give so your breasts are gently cradled during leisure activities and sleep. And comfort is the name of the game when you’re spending your days nursing and caring for your new baby.

In the New Year you’ll be getting out and about with your baby. At first you’ll be bundled in winter clothes and eventually you’ll welcome the warmer weather of spring and summer. Outings with your little one may mean you’ll be breastfeeding on-the-go. With a nursing t shirt bra or a nursing tank top, you’ll be ready anywhere at any time your baby needs to eat.

Our line of nursing t shirt bras are made to meet every need of a new mom. We know you need support and lift when you’re out-and-about and you’ll want comfort to keep you going. Our nursing t shirt bras feature soft fabrics, naturally rounded cups, and adjustable bands and straps to ensure you’re getting the fit, comfort and support you deserve. Plus many of our styles feature slimming side and back zones so you’ll feel great about the way you look too.

Leading Lady nursing tank tops are the perfect layering piece all year long. Under winter sweaters, spring dresses, solo in summer and beneath fall blazers, you will be chic and ready to nurse in any season wearing a nursing tank top. We know this is the go-to wardrobe essential for new moms so we offer a variety of styles and colors to flatter your figure. And don’t forget: nursing tank tops make fantastic sleepwear as well!

Last but certainly not least we hope you see yourself doing fabulous and fun things this year that call for special occasion nursing bras. You know the type; they make you feel on top of the world because they scream, “I am beautiful!” With lace details and sweet and sexy style features, we bet you’ll find every day is a special occasion enough to wear these gorgeous nursing bras.

Go ahead, mamas! Start your new year off right with these four types of nursing bras. We wish you all things wonderful in 2018!

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