Top 10 Reasons to Replace your Bras in the New Year

Replace Bras

It’s a New Year so we can officially say, out with the old and in with the new. As you’re deciding what old “stuff” to get rid of – whether that “stuff” is unneeded belongings, unhealthy habits, or emotionally draining attitudes – make sure your intimates’ drawer is on your list to review. The New Year is an excellent time to replace your bras, a practice you should be doing more often than you might think.

If you’re not sure when or why your full figure bras might need updating, here’s our list of top 10 reasons to replace your bras in the New Year:

Reason #10: You haven’t measured your bra size in years.

Every three months you should measure yourself to make sure your bras are still the best size for your body. Your breasts are made up of several types of tissue that change with hormonal fluctuations, weight gain or loss, and age. Therefore your bra size may change frequently too. Use Leading Lady’s bra fit calculator to determine your current size.

Reason #9: Your bras are uncomfortable.

There is absolutely no excuse for an uncomfortable bra. If you’re suffering through days of discomfort, your bra is not the right size, not supporting your body shape, or has fabrics or features that are not right for you. Even with large breasts your full figure bras should embrace your curves and make you feel great with every wear. If your straps are digging into your shoulders, your underwire is pinching your ribcage or your skin is irritated, that bra has gotta go!

Reason #8: Your bras have lost their support.

If your bras droop when they aren’t being worn, they are certainly not going to support your breasts when they’re on your body. Your breasts should sit upright and centered on your chest and you should feel lifted from the straps, cups and band. Over time bras will stretch and lose their supportive structure. That’s a clear sign you need to replace your bras.

Reason #7: You’re wearing your bra on the first or last closure.

Because your breast size may fluctuate, you want bras that give you options to loosen or tighten them as necessary. If you’re wearing your bras on the first or last closure, you don’t have any wiggle room on days when you need it. This also may mean your bra has stretched or shrunk in the laundry. It’s best to buy bras that are comfortable using the middle closures. Leading Lady gives you extra options with four rows of hook-and-eyes in most of our full figure bra styles.

Reason #6: The hardware on your bra is falling apart.

Over time you will exhaust the hardware on your bras – including the closure clasps and underwire – due to normal wear-and-tear and laundering. Your favorite bras may fade first, depending on how often you wear them. Wearing a bra with worn hardware can be uncomfortable and unsupportive so replace your bras at the first sign of a problem.

Reason #5: You’re wearing the wrong bras for your lifestyle.

Are you wearing sports bras to work, leisure bras to the gym, or t-shirt bras to bed? Wearing the right bra for the right activity is essential. Just as one bra size doesn’t fit all, neither does one style of bra. As you reevaluate your full figure bras in the New Year, determine the types of bras you need and how many. Then stock up so you get the comfort, support and fit you need for every aspect of your lifestyle.

Reason #4: You aren’t heeding signs your bra is too big or too small.

Gaping cups and slipping straps are a sign your bra is too loose. When your breasts are spilling over the top or bottom, the band is riding up, straps are leaving imprints on your shoulders, the center seam is not flat against your chest, or you feel any uncomfortable tightness, your bras are too small. Many women are so used to these issues, they forget to replace their bras when the signs of improper fit are perpetually knocking.

Reason #3: Your bras are boring.

Your bras can be fun, fashionable and a reflection of your personal style. Select colors, patterns and features that match your taste so you look forward to putting on your full figure bras every day. Replace the bras you hate and purchase new ones that excite you. If you have to wear them, you should enjoy them.

Reason #2: Your bras don’t compliment your wardrobe.

Beyond support, comfort and fit to make you feel great, your bras should make you look great in anything you wear. That means you need to have the right bras to create your ideal silhouette for your wardrobe. Tops and dresses fit differently – some are lower cut, some are sleeveless, some hug your curves. Be sure you have the bras that make you look exquisite in every outfit.

Reason #1: Your bras don’t make you feel beautiful.

Looking good and feeling good often go hand-in-hand. In this New Year, you should feel beautiful every day. That starts from within and underneath and radiates outward. When you are wearing a fabulous bra you’ll be more confident, more inspired and more powerful. A beautiful fit for a beautiful you is what we believe at Leading Lady. May this be a beautiful year for you!

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