Begin the New Year with a Fresh Start

Begin the New Year with a Fresh Start

Happy New Year, Leading Ladies! We hope it is one filled with everything wonderful for you. To begin the New Year with a fresh start, make the time and effort on this very first week (or month) to get things in order. New Year, new beginnings.

Here are some pointers on how to begin the New Year with a fresh start:

Rethink Your Organizational Style: Just because you’ve been doing something one way for a long time doesn’t mean it is the best approach. Look at the organizational systems and processes you have in place to determine if they are working for you. If some of them need an overhaul, make the changes now before the year gets too hectic to adjust anything.

Start Saving: The New Year is the perfect time to create a savings plan and activate it. Saving for a rainy day or your children’s futures is important but saving for high ticket luxury items is also valuable and can help motivate you to work hard and save wisely.

Purge and Clean: This is a tough one, we know. It’s so hard saying goodbye to old favorite sweatshirts that you really don’t need. And who wants to spend a day off work cleaning? It’s not glamorous but starting your year getting rid of junk and getting your home nice and clean will feel so good when you’re done. Put on some energizing music and get to it. Don’t forget to clean out your intimates’ drawer too. Once you discard old bras you can free up space for fabulous new ones from our Leading Lady collection.

Schedule Four Months Out: Sit down with your calendar and map out the next four months of your life. Invite friends over for movie nights, plan family outings, add important dates to your calendar, schedule doctor’s appointments, and mark off local events you don’t want to miss. You’ll feel terrific knowing your responsibilities are covered and you have fun social events to look forward to.

Tune Up Technology: It’s time to delete all the shows you’ve already watched on your DVR, clean out old computer files, update your social media profiles (because you definitely look different than you did 4 years ago when you did that last), and make sure your car is working efficiently. If you’re dependent on technology every day, make sure it’s all in order so your days can run smoothly in the New Year.

Create a Mantra: Everyone needs a go-to mantra to help them stay positive and focused on goals and priorities. Do some soul searching and come up with yours. It will help you cope with emotional ups and downs you may face this year in a more positive light.

Make a 2018 Bucket List: What do you want to achieve and do this year? Finish a home improvement project? Learn to rollerblade? Volunteer more? Make a list of tangible things you can accomplish this year. Then get the ball rolling on a few of them to solidify your commitment to self improvement, self confidence and living your life at its fullest.

Again, happiest New Year!

Sources: Wise Bread and Success

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