The Nursing Sports Bra of 2018

It’s no secret that getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions since, well, (probably) the beginning of New Year’s resolutions! As a new mom, being dedicated to a fitness routine takes a little more effort and care than ever before. And a nursing sports bra is definitely a must-have for this resolution.

Exercise While Breastfeeding

Once your doctor gives you the “all clear” exercise is excellent for your body on many levels. First, you may really crave movement after keeping things pretty calm at home with your newborn baby for the first weeks or months after birth. Getting up and about even for light exercise can feel so good because our bodies are meant to move.

Exercise can also help you shed a few pounds of baby weight if that’s your goal, or help you tone some muscles that didn’t get used as much during pregnancy, such as your abdominal muscles. Or perhaps you are working towards a fitness goal of running a 5K, half marathon or other worthy challenge.

Now more than ever the benefit of extra energy and a mood boost may be the best reason to exercise. If you’re like most moms you’re pretty exhausted. Working exercise into your day will get your blood flowing and heart pumping, which revs your metabolism to energize your entire body. Plus hormones and neurotransmitters are triggered, offering a dose of “feel good” energy too.

While breastfeeding it is essential to have nursing bras that meet the needs of your lifestyle. If you’re ready for more activity, that will include a nursing sports bra. And have we got the nursing sports bra for you!

Meet The Nursing Sports Bra of 2018

Nursing Bra of 2018, 4020

Our Stylish Cotton Seamless Nursing Athleisure Bra is the bra of 2018. It’s got everything a new mom needs and wants in a nursing sports bra. The stretchy cotton fabric breathes with you as you get your body moving in light to moderate exercise and stretches as your breasts change size during your breastfeeding journey.

Of course what makes a nursing sports bra so convenient is that you can breastfeed your little love without having to change or fumble for access. That means you can hit the gym, go for a power walk or take a mommy and me yoga class and be ready to breastfeed whenever and wherever you need. Easy one-handed nursing clasps and dropdown cups make the entire process a cinch.

And we can’t forget about style because this nursing sports bra has a lot of it. The contoured fit and extended band are super chic and the thin adjustable straps work under any workout top. You will adore the two color options: black with pink piping and black and white stripes. The athleisure look is completely on trend so even when you’re not going to exercise you can wear this stylish nursing bra for a hip athleisure look.

Start your New Year’s resolutions off on the right foot and with the right nursing sports bra. We know you’ll rock your resolutions this year as you enter the adventures of motherhood!

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