Full Figure Bra Spotlight: Leading Lady Balconette Padded Comfort Bra

Balconette Padded Comfort Bra

Opening up newly delivered bra package from Leading Lady is like that feeling you get when you wake up on a Saturday morning and know you can slip right back into sleep. Our full figure bras are just that comfortable, just that dreamy, and just the right fit to help you feel as cozy as when you’re drifting back to sleep in your bed. And one of our newest styles – the Balconette Padded Comfort Bra – is one package that will surely be the highlight of your week.

Leading Lady full figure bras are tailor-made to support women with curves and create an ideal silhouette. Because we know that every woman’s curves are unique, our full figure bras contour to your breasts, lift and shape from multiple directions for individualized molded support, and have built-in comfort features so wearing them is a pleasure not a chore.

Leading Lady’s Balconette Padded Comfort Bra

Our Balconette Padded Comfort Bra is the epitome of Leading Lady’s signature design features. Your silhouette will never look more stunning than in this smoothly padded full figure bra. Any top or dress will lie beautifully against the soft molded foam cups. Available in wirefree or underwire, this style is especially flattering to full busted women.

The shaping continues with a supportive band and side support zones. The Balconette Padded Comfort Bra raises your bustline. Your breasts stay securely lifted for your comfort and a flattering look. Plus underarm, side and back smoothing enhances your shape.

If lace makes you feel like the fabulous woman you are, then our Balconette Padded Comfort Bra is for you. You’ll still get the smooth appeal of a molded padded cup while enjoying the sensual lace wrapping from side to back. This elegant touch is everything a sophisticated woman needs to boost her confidence.

Even with these innovative support and style features, comfort is a top priority in our Balconette Padded Comfort Bra. You’ll feel amazing with every wear. Why? Soft breathable fabrics, delicate lace details, and lightly padded comfort straps, for starters. And an adjustable band and straps for flexible comfort on a daily basis. Digging, pinching, poking, slipping and the weight of heavier breasts will never be a problem in this bra.

We don’t blame you for jumping for joy every time you see a Leading Lady bra package at your door. We all know that a new bra like our Balconette Padded Comfort Bra means the appearance of a naturally flawless silhouette, support you need, and comfort you crave. Every woman deserves that and it is certainly a cause to celebrate.

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