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The Importance of Sleep Bras for Breastfeeding

By Abigail Piccillo on Jan 18, 2018

The Importance of Sleep Bras for Breastfeeding

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Sleep, glorious sleep! The precious commodity you once took for granted is now a cherished state of being. When the stars align and you do get a little time for shut eye, or at least a moment to lie down and relax, a sleep bra is a dream come true.

Sleep may be a hard thing to come by when you are a brand new mom. Your new role has you pulling a lot of all-nighters as your baby is likely to nurse frequently around the clock and is adjusting to day and night sleep patterns.  It’s a tough time for new moms who are also under the influence of fluctuating hormones and learning to care for a newborn. That’s why the comfort of a sleep bra is crucial.

What are Sleep Bras?

Sleep bras are a remarkable necessity for new moms. Rather than back clasps that may be uncomfortable to lie on, sleep bras feature either front closures or pull-aside cups with no clasps in front or back. This makes lounging and sleeping much more comfortable while still offering gentle support for your breasts.

How do Sleep Bras Support Breasts?

Your breasts may have changed quite a bit during pregnancy and they will continue to do so during breastfeeding as well. And when your breasts change, you need bras that are comfortable and supportive for their new size and shape.

As your breasts grow in size and become heavier in the early weeks and months of breastfeeding, they will shift more. Then as your baby sleeps for longer periods at night, you may have more hours between feedings and your breasts will become fuller, again needing more support to avoid the pull of gravity. During sleep, shifting breasts may be very irritating (not to mention it can cause permanent sagging and stretch marks). And we know you don’t need anything else waking you in the night if you do have the luxury of sleep.

Leading Lady’s sleep bras are made of soft, stretchy cotton-blends that are the perfect combination to cozily cradle your breasts and also keep them supported for light, leisure days and nights. The delicate balance of fabrics is essential because they will hold your breasts steadily in place while also offering some flexibility as your breast size fluctuates, even after multiple washes.

Why are Sleep Bras so Important?

Wearing sleep bras to support your breasts is only half the reason why they are so important. The other reason is that they offer easy access for nursing whenever your baby is hungry, and then allow you to slip back into sleep as quickly as possible. Imagine fumbling with cumbersome straps or having to undress in the middle of the night to feed your baby. Now imagine simply sliding over a cup or unclasping your bra from the front to feed your baby. That’s so much simpler, right?

Are Sleep Bras just for Sleeping?

Absolutely not! Sleep bras are amazing for a variety of needs a new mom has starting during pregnancy. Because of their unique stretchabilty, sleep bras are terrific to start wearing as soon as your regular bras begin feeling tight during pregnancy. Bring them to the hospital because they are also perfect for those first few days when you will be lounging in your temporary bed and nursing every 1.5 to 3 hours.

Once you get home, keep those sleep bras handy because you’ll live in them for the first weeks and months postpartum. Wearing sleep bras during the day in this early stage of breastfeeding helps ensure your breasts have room to expand with hourly milk fluctuations. Eventually your milk supply will stabilize to meet the needs of your baby so you can wear more structured nursing bras. Until that happens, wear your sleep bras to avoid restricting your milk supply.

We recommend having at least three dreamy sleep bras – one to wear, one in the wash, one in the drawer. And don’t worry ladies, we have some adorable colors and patterns so you can show your style even as your navigate your role as a new mom.

Your little one is depending on your for everything so do both of you a favor and make breastfeeding easier by wearing sleep bras. You’ll feel supported, remain comfortable and be ready to breastfeed at any hour of the day or night.

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