Cool Fit Nursing Bra

Cool Fit Nursing Bra, 4053

Have you heard the awesome news? Our new Cool Fit Nursing Bra is keeping you as cool as a cucumber! We’ve engineered the most innovative nursing bra but kept the same convenience and comfort features you’ve come to know and love about Leading Lady’s nursing bras.

We recognized the common issue many new moms face when hormones rear their head and cause hot flashes and sweating. Plus, leaky breasts are typical for many moms during breastfeeding. Now you can stay cool, dry and refreshed all day with our Cool Fit Nursing Bra!

You may be familiar with dry fit technology from your workout wardrobe. We’ve used that same brilliant concept to help new moms feel better in their nursing bras. Because let’s face it, feeling the dampness of your own sweat or breast milk drenched nursing bra for hours is just not comfortable. Not to mention it is potentially embarrassing. It can even lead to build-up of nasty bacteria that you can pass along to your baby.

Our Cool Fit Nursing Bra, available in both underwire and wirefree, sweeps moisture away from your body so all you feel on your skin is the softness of a cotton nursing bra. This is the type of nursing bra that will make you feel so fresh and clean – yes, even on the days you didn’t get to take a shower.

Beyond the unique cool fit technology, this nursing bra is sleek and delightful in every way. The cotton fabric is smooth against your skin and your baby’s delicate body. The lightly molded cups give you a naturally rounded shape perfect for any outfit. Easy one-handed nursing clasps and drop-down cups make breastfeeding easy anywhere at any time.

Just as our Cool Fit Nursing Bra adjusts to meet the needs of your body temperature, it also adjusts so you’ll get your best fit day-in and day-out. Adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures in the back help you size your bra correctly as your breasts fluctuate based on your milk supply.

Don’t lose your cool mamas, cool off with our new Cool Fit Nursing Bra!

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