Maternity Wardrobe Spotlight: Maternity Jeggings

Maternity Wardrobe Spotlight: Maternity Jeggings, 4700

We have some awesome news, mamas! We’re introducing a new style of our popular Leading Lady maternity support leggings. Now with a denim finish, you can enjoy the same trendy look with comfort and gentle support in our new maternity jeggings. So stop squishing yourself into restrictive maternity jeans and start wearing Leading Lady maternity jeggings instead.

If you’re like most moms you’re not looking to spend a fortune on your maternity wardrobe. Dishing out gobs of money on clothes that will have such a limited use isn’t the best idea. And that’s true even if you plan to have multiple kids. You don’t even know if the seasons of your pregnancies will align and when it comes to maternity clothes that really matters. Trust us, you’ll have a lot of additional expenses once your baby arrives so saving where you can now will help out in a few short months.

That’s why making smart, versatile maternity wardrobe purchases is crucial. Talk to any new mom and she’ll tell you her maternity leggings were the essential piece in her maternity wardrobe. And anyone who had Leading Lady’s maternity support leggings knows they are not only fashionable enough to wear with anything. They are also ultra light and comfortable while offering the support you need with a built-in support band.

Now you can get that same innovative legging in our maternity jeggings. The denim wash looks like jeans but feels soft and smooth and stretches throughout your pregnancy. These leggings can be worn at any point during pregnancy. The belly band expands with your growing bump. As soon as you begin to notice the weight of your baby the built-in maternity support band will help you cradle and lift your baby. That takes the brunt of the work off of your body.  It supports any back, hip or balance issues too.

Maternity jeggings are a trendy look for new moms. And they are versatile enough to pair with any top in your maternity wardrobe. Throw them on with a t-shirt, ball cap and sneakers and you’re ready for a basketball game. With a sweater and boots you’ll be stylish for a lunch with friends or shopping for baby items. Pair your maternity jeggings with heels and a swanky blouse and you and your hubs can enjoy a few last dates before your baby arrives.

If you love our maternity leggings you will adore our maternity jeggings. As you’re making selective purchases for your maternity wardrobe, we know this will be one you can’t wait to wear during any season in any pregnancy.

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