5 Bra Problems SOLVED! Full Figure Bra & Nursing Bra Solutions

Your bras are a staple in your wardrobe so there’s no sense in suffering through issues like being uncomfortable, not finding your perfect fit, or styles that don’t make you feel incredible. Our full figure bra and nursing bra collections are here to solve all of your bra problems.

Here’s the deal: Our standards are through the roof and we vow to ensure you get everything you dream of in your bras. That’s why we have a free returns and exchanges policy. We also know that women come in all shapes, sizes, skin types and beauty styles. So, our full figure bra and nursing bra categories are as diverse as our customers.

If you’ve got bra problems, we have your solutions! Check out these common bra problems and our innovative solutions for them:

Hard to Fit Sizes – Full Figure Bras

When you wear a 34b or a 38c, you can go almost anywhere to find a bra that fits (although Leading Lady’s are still the most comfortable!). But when you wear size f bras or size g bras, options are limited. And what about women who require a large band with small cups? That’s difficult to find as well. But not at Leading Lady!

Our full figure bra sizes are here for women of all sizes from 34a to 52h. And we fit our bras on REAL women to ensure they actually meet your needs and maintain our quality standards for comfort, support and impeccable fit. Because, as important as your bra is, it should play a silent role in making every day, a fantastic day.

Cooling Technology – Bras and Panties

Between indoor and outdoor temperatures, stress and hormones, real women feel the heat sometimes. It’s one of the things that makes us stronger but it doesn’t mean you have to feel sticky all day long. If you find your bras and panties sticking to your body, it’s time for innovative cooling technology like our Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties, Cool Fit Nursing Bra, and Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra. Each of these offers a refreshing solution to natural temperature shifts. The unique fabrics retain coolness so you feel comfortable, dry and fresh all day long.

Beauty Rest – Sleep Bras

Do your breasts shift or part when you’re lying in bed? If so, you should be wearing a sleep bra to gently support your breasts throughout the night. Sleep bras are the most comfortable way to get your beauty rest because they are designed as front closure bras or pullover styles so you never feel the jabbing of back clasps. (Trust us, if you’ve ever tried to sleep in a regular bra, you’ll know how uncomfortable that can be!) Plus, sleep bras are made from soft, stretchy, breathable fabrics so you can focus on your zzz’s!

Mix & Match – Plus Size Bra and Panty Sets

Every woman deserves a few beautiful bra and panty sets to make her feel absolutely fabulous. Pssst…that includes you! Leading Lady now offers coordinating panties for our best-selling bra styles. You can mix and match our Luxe Body Panty Briefs and our Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties with our T-shirt Bras to create bra and panty sets that are just your style. From classic white to leopard print, these sets are made for you.

Sensitive Skin – Latex Free Bra

Nothing is worse than itchy or allergen-inducing fabric on your most sensitive area. Our Latex-Free Bra was designed to meet the needs of women with highly sensitive skin and latex allergies. This ultra-soft wirefree bra is what comfort and soothing is all about.

Every problem has a solution and we know you’ll find your bra solutions at Leading Lady.

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