Feel the Freedom of Great Fit! Find Your Best Bra Fit with These Easy Tips

In July we celebrate freedom. Here at Leading Lady that includes the freedom of great fit. We know how restricting, oppressive and miserable an ill-fitting bra can feel. A bra should not be something you cannot wait to take off at the end of the day. Rather, a bra that fits should be liberating. And when you get it right, let freedom ring!

In honor of this month when we celebrate freedom, independence and empowerment, we’re helping you find your best bra fit with a few easy tips:

Tip #1: Measure Yourself Every 6 Months

A woman’s body is constantly changing. That means your bra size may change too. Weight loss or gain, hormonal shifts, aging, your diet, and your exercise regimen are among the reasons your breasts may change size or shape. Therefore, it’s essential to measure every six months to ensure you’re wearing the right size bra. Our simple Bra Calculator can help you easily measure your bra size.

Tip #2: Evaluate Your Fit

Most women are not wearing the right bra size because they don’t know how a bra should actually fit. Your perfect fit is a delicate balance of comfort and support, and that may vary for different types of bras in your wardrobe. Gentle snugness will hold your breasts in place to reduce shifting and bounce. But a bra that is too tight will be uncomfortable and create unflattering bulges. Keep these factors in mind as you evaluate your bras:

Your bra may be too small if…

  • your breasts spill over the top of your cups
  • your breasts hang beneath the bottom of your band
  • your breasts bulge out of the side seams
  • the band digs into your skin
  • the straps dig into your shoulders
  • you always wear your bra on the last hook
  • the center seam is not flat against your sternum

Your bra may be too large if…

  • the cups gape open and aren’t filled by your breasts
  • your breasts sag
  • your breasts shift from side-to-side during movement
  • the band rides up
  • the straps slip off your shoulders even on the tightest setting

Tip #3: Check Your Bras for Signs of Aging

Bras are made of many different types of materials, each of which deteriorate over time, perhaps at varying rates. If your bra is fraying, has lost elasticity, or any of the hardware is broken, it’s time to replace it. Your bra should be in tip-top shape to support your breasts and entire upper body. Plus, these features help ensure comfort and a beautiful silhouette.

Tip #4: Fit is Personal

Your body is exquisitely unique and finding your best bra fit will be a personal decision based on your lifestyle needs and individual taste. Your bras should meet the needs of your daily activities, whether that’s hitting the gym and then heading to work during the week, or having a lazy morning and then getting dolled up for a night out on the weekend. Select bras that are meant for every aspect of your life.

Also, determine which features matter most to you. Padded straps and soft, breathable fabrics add extra comfort. Reinforced underwire and full coverage cups make bras more supportive. Side-to-back smoothing zones and molded cups enhance your shape. Adjustable straps and extended hook-and-eye closures give you more size flexibility. Once you have your priorities straight you can make smart choices about your best bra fit!

Wishing you the freedom of great fit, now and always! Happy July 4th!

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