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Stay Cool, Calm and Comfortable in our *New* Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra

By Erin Stieglitz on Jul 18, 2018

Stay Cool, Calm and Comfortable in our *New* Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra

Our new Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra is the perfect sleep bra for summer! On hot summer days (and nights) you’ll adore slipping into this “cool as a cucumber” bra for your best night’s sleep.

What keeps this bra so chill? It’s all about the bamboo!

Bamboo is more than just the main diet of pandas and that invasive plant that pops up in your yard. It’s an incredibly versatile, sustainable, and eco-friendly textile that has some amazing benefits for your body. That’s why we chose bamboo as a key material in the fabric blend of our Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra.

The cooling effect of this phenomenal, inventive bra works on several levels.

  • Bamboo fabrics create micro-gaps that are excellent for ventilation. That means they are extremely breathable and hold in cool air to create a refreshing feel for your skin. At night when you’re not alert to adjust your thermostat or remove outer layers of clothes, this cooling system is magnificent.
  • Bamboo fibers are extraordinarily soft, almost like silk. But unlike other soft fabrics, bamboo comes by this texture naturally without chemical treatments. As you slide into bed, you’ll be wrapped in one of the coolest, coziest fabrics on earth.
  • Bamboo keeps you dry by absorbing sweat and moisture away from your skin. If you tend to sweat at night – which is very common during times or hormonal changes – our sleep bra will help you stay dry and reduce skin irritations associated with dampness.
  • Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties that cleanse and reduce odor for a fresh feeling all night. Undergarments are known to hold in bacteria and other microbes that cause odor but that’s not the case with bamboo.
  • Bamboo is a hypo-allergenic fabric that will not irritate skin. Your breasts are one of the most sensitive, tender areas on your body so reducing risk for a reaction is a major bonus.

Like all of Leading Lady’s sleep bras, our Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra has a seamless back so you can sleep and lounge comfortably in any position. The wide straps help lift and disperse weight without slipping during the night. And the easy access crossover cups make this a terrific bra for breastfeeding moms.

With built-in temperature control and moisture-wicking abilities, our Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra is going to make your summer nights a dream come true. Sweet dreams, ladies!

Did you know your body temperature naturally lowers when you are falling asleep? It does, and you can help speed up that process by wearing our Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra. It keeps your skin cool all night long. This extra breath of coolness is especially refreshing in summertime. Additionally, experts recommend lowering your room temperature at night for ideal sleep conditions.


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