Simple Pleasures – Versatile Crossover Bras

Sometimes comfort comes in the simplest things. A hug from a friend, a warm cup of tea, a familiar mantra, or a cozy bra. Our crossover bras are just the comfort you need and offer incredible versatility for a variety of daily activities.

From lazy Sundays and afternoon gardening, to sound sleeping, relaxation during pregnancy and nourishing your baby, our comfortable crossover bras are ideal for your lifestyle. The pullover design and wide straps inherently reduce slippage and hold you in place day and night. The crossover cups create a stylishly breezy feel and make breastfeeding easy for nursing moms.

Each of our crossover bras share this combination of comfort and versatility. But unique design features in each one ensures you’re getting the most out of your bra in every way. Check out our crossover styles that will help you enjoy all the simple pleasures in life:

Cotton Crossover Sleep Bra

Known as “The Weekender,” this leisure bra is so comfortable you’ll slip into your weekend mindset every time you wear it. Designed for gentle snug support, the ribbed cotton fabric stretches perfectly to fit your body. Plus, it smooths your back and underarm bulge too. Our Cotton Crossover Sleep Bra comes in a wide size range of Small to 4X.

Crossover Sleep Bra

Go to bed cool and comfy and wake up the same way in this specialty bra. The natural fibers in the ultra soft fabric blend naturally cool you down to create an ideal sleep temperature. This is helpful for women in all walks of life including those who typically run hot, are experiencing hot flashes, or new moms who are prone to night sweats.

Cotton Sleep Bras – Maternity to Nursing

New moms and moms-to-be crave comfort and that’s what you get with our Cotton Sleep Bras. They are soft, cozy and super easy to put on and leave on. The stretchy material is ideal for your expanding, tender breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And the slide-over cups make nursing convenient day and night. Bonus – this bra comes in a 2-pack for double the comfort.

Cotton Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

This sporty nursing sleep bra is a stylish way to enter motherhood. Great during pregnancy as your regular bras begin to feel tight, and for continued comfort throughout breastfeeding, the cotton fabric will support your body’s ever-changing needs. The sporty racerback design offers fun, athleisure appeal with feminine pink piping.

Take pleasure it he simple things with our versatile crossover bras. Find your comfiest, coziest, happiest place with the help of Leading Lady’s crossover bras.

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