Beat the Heat with Refreshing Bras and Panties

Hello, Sunshine!

The summer sun and warmer temps make this season a blast for outdoor activities. But when nature turns up the heat, it’s common to feel sticky, drippy, and irritated. And since your undergarments are closest to your skin, they often get the brunt of the impact. That certainly puts a damper on having fun in the sun.

Seeing the need to combat that icky-sticky hot weather feeling, our design team went to work crafting bras and panties that actually keep you cool and refreshed. Our full figure and nursing bra lines both feature innovative items with cooling technology, moisture-wicking fabrics, and odor control.

Don’t trudge through the summer months in misery! Beat the heat with these innovative cooling solutions:

Moisture-Wicking Sports Bras

The summer heat is bad enough but when you’re physically active, sweat can be quite a nuisance. That’s why our sports bras are made with moisture-wicking fabrics that sweep away dampness to keep your skin dry and comfortable.

Our Wirefree Sport Full Figure Bra features a dual layer of cotton fabric that is incredibly breathable for light-to-moderate exercise. Even when you’re not working out, this athleisure-style bra will keep you cool on summer days. Leading Lady’s Ultimate Sports Bra is another excellent summertime choice. The smooth, lightweight fabric is refreshing; It has a brushed lining and enhanced moisture-wicking band so sweat doesn’t pool between and beneath your breasts. Plus, this sports bra has partially padded adjustable straps so you can find your comfort spot every day.

Nursing moms can also enjoy moisture-wicking fabrics in our Athleisure Sports Nursing Bra. With breathable cotton fabric and an extended band, this sporty bra will keep you cool on walks with your baby, during mommy and me yoga classes, or for everyday wear. Simple nursing clasps and a drop-down front panel allow you to discreetly breastfeed at any time.

Cool Fit Nursing Bras

New moms know that staying cool and dry makes a huge difference when it comes to all-day comfort. Especially in the summer, new moms tend to sweat more, thanks to the many hormones that support breastfeeding and are re-balancing after pregnancy. Our ground-breaking Cool Fit Underwire and Cool Fit Wirefree nursing bras feature inventive fabrics that stay cool to keep you refreshed. Like our sports bras, they wick away moisture (from sweat or leaky breast milk) from your skin so you stay dry and your already tender breasts don’t get irritated. Best of all, our Cool Fit Nursing Bras have all the signature features of our nursing collection including simple one-handed nursing clasps, adjustable straps and bands, extra support, and a softness that is gentle for both you and your baby.

Cooling Panties

While we specialize in bras, our innovative solutions extend beyond the basics. Our new Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties are a delightful way to stay refreshed this summer. These lightweight panties are infused with ultra-fresh technology that cools your skin in your most sensitive areas. Plus, you’ll look amazing in colors and prints that match or compliment your favorite bras.

 Sleep and Leisure Bra

Did you know you get your best sleep with a lower body temperature? In addition to lowering the thermostat, try our Crossover Sleep Bra to keep you cool all night long. It also has natural anti-odor properties built into the fabric. Wake up refreshed and continue wearing this comfort bra for lounging and leisure activities.

Don’t dread the sun this summer! Our refreshing bras and panties help keep you cool and comfortable all season long.


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