6 Bras Made for Working from Home

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Going to work may look a little different for you and that’s great news for your bra wardrobe! Some may argue bras are optional in your living room office, but we beg to differ. Bras are essential and wearing one should motivate your work-from-home business day.

The Best Bras for Working from Home

Working from home offers a terrific opportunity to always be comfortable in your bras. Check out these six scenarios and our bra solutions to keep you comfortable, focused, and productive all day long at home:

For days when you roll out of bed at 8:59 and login to work at 9:00…

For most people that’s not an option, but for work-at-homers you can totally do that! In The Meryl Sleep Bra-Leisure Bra, you’re ready for work the moment you wake up. This uber-comfy cotton sleep bra doubles as an all-day leisure bra. In its front closure design, wide shoulder straps and a full coverage back gently supports to keep you going from pillow to Power Point.

For days when you whole department is on video conference…

Braless is definitely not an option when you’re on screen. The Brigitte Full Coverage Bra gives you smooth curves for your business-on-the-top attire.

Brigitte Full Coverage TShirt Bra  Brigitte Full Coverage Tshirt Bra Back

(Pajama pants or these control waist leggings are totally appropriate on the bottom!)


Make sure you’re camera-ready any day with silhouette-loving t-shirt bras comfy for working from home.

For days when you plan to sneak in a workout during your “lunch break”…

Sports bra all day? Um, yes! The Simone Sports Bra is crazy comfortable for any activity but made especially for midday yoga, streaming a barre class, weightlifting, or taking the dog out for a brisk walk. Equal parts stretch and support, this sports bra is dynamic for your workouts and adjustable to meet your everyday needs.

The Simone Sport Bra  Simone Sport Bra Back

For days when you’re powering through a report and need a mega boost…

The best bras are more than just supportive items of clothing. They also speak to your state of mind. When you are rockin’ a power bra like The Brigitte Luxe Underwire Bra, your energy and productivity will skyrocket. Every inch is built for support, from the reinforced underwire band and contoured cups, to the cushioned straps and 4 rows of hook-and-eye closures.

Brigitte Luxe  Brigitte Luxe

For days when you’re going to virtual happy hour after work…

Virtual happy hours are the new reason to get dressed up. Look and feel like your best self in The Ava, our snazziest underwire lace bra. You’ll be lured by its beauty and pleasantly surprised by its incredible comfort and support. We’re definitely saying cheers to this gorgeous bra!

The Ava Lace Scalloped Bra  The Ava Lace Scalloped Bra

For days when your back needs a computer time-out…

Hours on the couch hunched over your computer may be doing a number on your back and shoulders. Get a gentle posture reminder from The Grace, our innovative posture bra. The crisscross backstraps are paired with a power mesh to help your back feel lifted while you work. That’s combined with an elongated wirefree band that keeps you lifted from the bottom up, and padded straps that lift from the top. Say buh-bye to the couch slump and hello to a refreshed upper body.


Woman wearing white posture bra
  The Grace Posture Bra


The best bras for working from home are the ones that make you feel empowered to do a stellar job. Some days that calls for a little extra stretch, other days need a mega boost, and still others need something in-between. While your full work wardrobe may not be necessary, your bra wardrobe should be alive with all the comfort and support you need to work from home.

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