The Infinitely Adaptable Meryl Bra


If you’re on a seemingly endless quest for a comfortable bra that can keep up with your day-to-night needs, you’ve just got to meet The Meryl, our award-winning leisure bra. Whether you’re looking for front closure bras, sleeping bras, nursing bras, or adaptive bras, The Meryl is the perfect fit – and we mean that in more ways than one.

Unprecedented Comfort in a Cotton Front Closure Bra

Hailed as The Most Comfortable Bra in America™, The Meryl gently supports your body with a classic design that will have you breathing a sigh of relief in no time. When you enter the comfort zone of The Meryl, you’ll immediately notice the difference starting with its soft, breathable cotton blend. It dynamically moves with your body and offers just the right stretch when and where you need it.

The Meryl features dual layer cups that effortlessly cradle your breasts for smooth support and positioning. Like all our front closure bras and plus size front closure bras, this leisure bra’s reliable multi-row hook-and-eye closures help create a secure fit with every wear. Combined with wide cushioned straps, a broad supportive back, and wirefree comfort band, it’s no wonder The Meryl has been our best-seller for years.

Versatile for Every Woman – Leisure Bra, Sleeping Bra, Adaptive Bra, Nursing Bra, All in One

Mobility challenges, night shifting, nursing access, and your typical ill-fitting bra issues are no match for The Meryl. She’s the bra you can reach for when you’re seeking a variety of solutions.

Everyday Leisure Bra:

Leisure bras should be the ones you pull out when you’re ready for a low key day. However, some leisure bras are so loose and limp that they take the fun out of lounging. Not true with The Meryl. She’s structured to keep your body framed and breasts upright, without restricting movement. The breathable cotton fabric will keep you cool indoors or outside. And with a variety of colors and patterns to chose from, you’ll love the style options too.

Sleeping Bra:

When you’re ready to doze off for a nap or head to bed at night, this sleeping bra has sweet dreams written all over it. Without uncomfortable back closures, you can sleep soundly in any position. Plus, your breasts will be supported to prevent shifting, sagging, and the dreaded “breast divide” when your breasts slump to opposite sides.

Adaptive Bra:

Front closure bras are known to be terrific adaptive bras and The Meryl excels in this category. The easy-on, easy-off design makes dressing and undressing extremely simple. For women with arthritis, upper-body limitations, or other mobility challenges, The Meryl is your solution. And our multi-cup size range and wide band selection makes this a perfect pick for plus size front closure bras too.

Nursing Bra:

New moms love The Meryl for its easy breastfeeding access. Leading Lady nursing bras come in several styles. Our front closure nursing bras are easy to drop down or unhook for daytime or nighttime feedings. Many new moms experience pain while navigating breastfeeding positions. The wide back and shoulders on The Meryl will support your body during and in-between breastfeeding to help relieve this discomfort.

Leading Lady Customers Rave About The Meryl Leisure Bra

It takes a very special bra to be your favorite. Year-after-year our Leading Lady customers tell us and show us why The Meryl is at the top of their list. We designed this bra to suit a variety of needs and body types, and our customers consistently reaffirm its comfort and versatility. Here’s what some of our Leading Ladies had to say:

"I recently got this for an around the house type of bra and it is comfortable enough to wear all the time while still providing some support so if I need to run out I can." - Lisa H.

"Love, love, love these bras!!! I bought one to try it out and ended up ordering three more. Feels like you're not even wearing a bra. Will definitely order again and have bookmarked this vendor." - Pamela R.

"I have been wearing Leading Lady #110 front-closure leisure bras for some time, so obviously I am very satisfied with them. They are comfortable to sleep in and easy to put on, especially for someone with large droopy breasts like me, as they open and close in the front…I don't even think about buying any other bra to sleep in." - Carol B.

"This bra fits well and keeps the "girls" in place without binding. There is some padding in the straps which provides comfort all day long." - Gina H.

"I am a bit large in the bust and bought this bra to wear at night when I sleep and for lounging. I hardly know it's there so I'm very satisfied." - Dianne G.


This incredibly versatile cotton front closure bra is ideal for your lifestyle and combines gentle support with ultimate comfort. Your search for adaptive bras, nursing bras, sleeping bras, and leisure bras is over. The Meryl satisfies your needs, all in one fabulously comfortable package.


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