The Low Impact, High Comfort Serena Bra


The extraordinary Renaissance mastermind Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Our customers remind us of that time and again with our low impact sports bra, The Serena. Its simple yet functional design is a solution for so many women looking for wirefree bras, a plus size sports bra, a yoga sports bra, or a racerback bra. And our latest colors and patterns – Jalapeno Red, Classic Zebra, and Geo Aqua Floral – will make an exciting new addition to your wardrobe.

Leading Lady customer Cindy G sums it up beautifully:

"I have finally found the bra for me. Even though it's a sports bra, it beats any bra out there. So very comfortable, no fixing straps, no digging in to your skin, just throw over your head and fix them babies in and you're ready to go." - Cindy G.

Cindy and Leonardo are on to something incredibly comfortable!

Comfortable Wirefree Bras – They Really Do Exist!

"I hated to wear a bra... and taking mine off would be the very first thing I'd do when I walked in the door from work at night. Then I ordered the bras from Leading Lady and I am comfortable. I wear one all day without a thought about it. It makes me very happy." - Judy S.

If you’re like Judy use to be and removing your bra is the first thing you want to do when you get home, The Serena is the bra for you. The easy pullover design means no fidgeting with band closures or straps. It goes on easy and stays in place. Plus, the dual-layer cotton fabric is breezy on your skin for breathable comfort during any activity.

Wirefree bras sometimes get a bad rap for not being supportive enough, especially for those needing plus size bras and, in particular, a plus size sports bra. The Serena features a secure comfort band that helps lift your breasts from the bottom up. And as a racerback bra, it naturally offers top-down support from the shoulders and sides.

The Best Low Impact Sports Bra

"Finally a sports bra that covers, front and back. Great to look at. Made to fit the plus size woman." - Suzie W.

We’ve listened to our customers over the years and finding a great plus size sports bra, light support sports bra, and yoga sports bra can be really challenging. One struggle we repeatedly heard was finding a low impact sports bra in non-traditional sizes. That’s why we offer The Serena in band sizes 36 to 56 and cup ranges that fit a variety of sizes. It is truly the best low impact sports bra and a wonderful option for a plus size sports bra.

As Suzie says, the coverage is fantastic on The Serena. A low impact sports bra needs to fully enclose your breasts to help prevent bounce and shift during movement. This light support sports bra does just that. And as a yoga sports bra you have full mobility and flexibility knowing your breasts are secure with gentle support.

Stay on Trend with Colorful Sports Bra

"I love these bras because they are so comfortable and come in so many pretty colors and patterns!" - Gloria P.

For all the fashionistas like Gloria, The Serena comes in 16 fun and flirty colors and patterns to keep your everyday look, athleisure style, and workout wardrobe right on trend. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest palette: Jalapeno Red, Black & White Classic Zebra, and Geo Aqua Floral. We know a colorful sports bra like The Serena gives you a pop of flavor that sets the tone for your day.

We Love to Get it Right – Simple Sophistication

"Finding a bra for my handicapped daughter who is in a size 52 plus Is frustrating for her and myself. Relieved that it not only has a fashionable look but it also fits well! Planning on getting more for her." - Molls 

Every woman has her own unique body type and ideas of comfort and beauty. The Serena racerback bra is one of those rare gems that meets the needs of so many women in search of true comfort and sustained wearability. Simple sophistication at its best. Wirefree bras are not all made with the same comfort standards, but this low impact sports bra and everyday bra is one that you just won’t want to take off.


The Serena low impact sports bra is available for single purchase or a value 2-pack.


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