8 Hacks to Snap Out of a Bad Mood

8 Hacks to Snap Out of a Bad Mood

So you’ve got the grumps and it feels like your day is getting worse by the second. It happens to all of us but you can help yourself snap out of a bad mood with a few simple techniques.

Let’s get one thing straight before we talk about quashing bad moods: It’s OK to be in a bad mood every once in awhile. In fact, it’s downright normal! Don’t catastrophize or judge yourself for this temporary mood swing. Rather, cut yourself some slack, embrace it, control it and move forward. Sometimes it’s the down moments that motivate you to do better in the long run.

While it’s important to determine what triggers your bad moods – feeling guilty about running late, being exhausted or hungry, feeling overwhelmed by your immediate responsibilities, or experiencing a bout of low self-esteem – sometimes it’s just a combination of trivial minutia that sets off your dragon-breathing fury. That’s when you need a few hacks to snap out of a bad mood.

Try these mood-boosters next time you need to snap out of a bad mood:

Power Up: Sometimes the best way to take out a bad mood is to knock it on its head with a jolt of energy from coffee, a piece of dark chocolate or a nutrient-packed meal. Especially if being tired or hungry is contributing to your bad mood, getting a bit of caffeine and body-loving nourishment will help you snap out of it.

Smile: Sure, it’s not a new suggestion but it’s a good one. Smiling supports feel-good hormones in your brain that can actually elevate your mood. When life deals you a bad day put on your biggest smile to get through it gracefully.

Create: Let your feelings out through a creative activity. Maybe it’s putting pen to paper or doodling to let off steam. Perhaps you need to bake something or do a crossword puzzle. Whatever creative outlet that offers some distraction and expression is a great way to burst a bad mood.

Indulge: Nothing kills a bad mood like a little indulgence, such as watching your favorite movie, eating something sinful or shopping. Keep your budget in mind before going overboard but sometimes a treat is what you need to feel happier and more confident.

Exercise: Sweat out your negative energy through exercise. You can engage in anything that revs your body and helps you release stress. Exercise naturally boosts your mood by stimulating endorphins. Hopefully by the end of your heart-pounding workout your blood won’t be boiling.

Vent Briefly: If you need to get the anger off your chest, share your feelings with a friend who is willing to listen but not fuel your fire even more. Once you’ve gotten it off your chest, release the shackles of your mood and feel the freedom of rising above.

Listen to Music: Music can do amazing things for your mental and emotional state. From classical to country, rock to rap, you can transcend your bad mood by playing some of your favorite jams. Dancing highly recommended!

Breathe: Deep breaths can do wonders for your mood. It isn’t innovative but if you spend a few moments calmly breathing and focusing on positive thoughts, you may be able to snap out of a bad mood.

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