Earth-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Happy almost Halloween, everyone! We hope you are all getting excited for the big night. This weekend is a great time to prepare last-minute Halloween decorations to make your home feel frightfully – or delightfully – festive for the holiday. And what better way to do that than with earth-friendly Halloween decorations.

Check out these ideas for earth-friendly Halloween decorations:

Tin Can Characters

Paint and decorate tin cans to look like Halloween-themed characters such as pumpkins, ghosts, cats, mummies, bats, monsters, zombies and witches. Be sure to remove all jagged and sharp edges.

Egg Carton Bats

Cut a 12 or 18 count egg carton into 4 or 6 parts so three egg cups are in a row. Paint or use a marker to color the cups black. Place the cups open-side down and paste two googly eyes on the middle cup. Tie a Halloween ribbon to the top and let it dangle like a bat.

Newspaper Wreath

Cut a circle out of thick cardboard. Then cut out a center circle so you’re left with a ring. Cut and crumple newspaper and glue it to the ring. Then cut out a few bats or other Halloween characters to add to the wreath.

Decorative Lights

Decorate the outside of old glass jars. Then place a votive candle inside and illuminate your home or front lawn with these recycled friends. This also works with plastic milk or soda jugs if you use electronic lights.

Mummy Boxes

Wrap yarn or gauze around cereal and other food boxes. Glue on googley eyes.

Candy Corn Bottles

Gather glass salad dressing bottles, sauce bottles, wine bottles and beer bottles and strip off any labels. Paint the bottles to look like candy corn with yellow on the bottom, orange in the middle and white on top.

Haunted House

Wrap boxes in recycled newspapers. Draw or paste cutouts of windows and a door and use a toilet paper roll for the chimney.

Rolled Candy

Wrap toilet paper rolls in tissue paper, Gather the ends and tie them like rolls of candy. Decorate as you see fit.

Ghost Bucket

Cut up an old white t-shirt so it is one continuous sheet. Drape it over a bucket and draw or paste on eyes, and a gaping mouth like a spooky ghost.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!!

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