Maintain Healthy Habits during Fall and Winter

Maintain Healthy Habits during Fall and Winter

There’s something about fall and winter that just makes you want to indulge. Perhaps it’s the endless stream of scrumptious holiday foods starting with Halloween, proceeding through Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, then New Years and finally ending at Valentine’s Day.  Plus the cooler weather makes you want to curl up with hearty foods rather than exercise. Yes, it’s hard to maintain healthy habits during fall and winter, but we know you can do it!

Here are our best tips to maintain healthy habits during fall and winter:

Tip #1: Stand, Walk, Move

Everyday doesn’t need to house an intense workout but adding some movement to your routine will make a big difference. If you have a sedentary job, get up and walk around every 20 to 30 minutes. Use those old tricks of walking the stairs or parking further from your destination to sneak extra steps into your day.

Tip #2: Analyze Your Plate

Make some self-governed rules about how you’re going to fill your plate this season. Aim for half fruits and veggies, a serving of protein and a whole grain carbohydrate at every meal. Then have little tastes of a few indulgent foods rather than entire servings of multiple items.

Tip #3: Start Meals with Soup

Soup is the perfect food for cooler months and it can help you maintain healthy habits during fall and winter. A light, vegetable based soup adds tremendous nutrients to your meal without contributing lots of extra calories. You can check off a serving of veggies or two, and the soup will help satisfy you so you won’t overdo it during your meal. There are lots of benefits to soup!

Tip #4: Try New Workouts

There are many distractions and reasons not to exercise when it’s cold outside BUT make a goal to workout three or four times a week. Try new workouts to keep yourself motivated such as kickboxing, mountain biking or barre classes. Even on vacation, pack your full figure sports bras and look for ways to slip in a workout to keep your body healthy.

Tip #5: Build in “Me” Time

Life starts getting hectic right around now and you may feel you’re burning the candle on both ends. Carve out some time for yourself to do things you enjoy. If you make the effort before things get stressful, you’ll be charged up enough to handle the emotional toll that the holiday season sometimes takes on your spirit.

Tip #6: Hydrate and Moisturize

Your skin and your entire body will be so happy with you if you stay hydrated and moisturize often. As the weather cools, air dries and leaves us feeling dehydrated on the inside and cracked, flaky and itchy on the outside. Combat the winter dryness by drinking plenty of water and using daytime and nighttime moisturizers on your face and entire body.

Sources: Prevention and Body and Soul

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