10 Ways to Dispose of Halloween Candy STAT

10 Ways to Dispose of Halloween Candy STAT

It’s a dangerous proposition having a ton of Halloween candy lying around your house. After celebrating the candiest holiday of the year, the thought of continuing the sugar fest for weeks to come is enough to make everyone bounce off the walls and develop a few cavities too.

Rather than keeping it around to tempt everyone in your family (including you) consider these ways to dispose of Halloween candy:

Art Projects
Think of the beautiful mosaics you can make with Skittles, smarties and M&Ms and adorable candy houses you can make with candy bars, complete with little gummy bear and gummy worm dwellers. Challenge your kids to come up with creative art projects using Halloween candy – without eating a bite!

Send to Troops

While you may not need a bunch of candy lying around, our troops would certainly appreciate some sweetness. There are several organizations that send unopened candy to troops including Operation Shoebox, Any Solider, Operation Gratitude and Operation Stars and Stripes.

Switch Witch

Similar to the tooth fairy, this do-gooder witch will replace Halloween candy with a non-sugary prize. Encourage your kids to pack up their candy for the switch witch as soon as possible after Halloween. Books, craft kits and small toys are great prizes from the switch witch.

Science Projects

Believe it or not, candy is the basis of many cool science projects. You can look them up online and use up your candy while teaching your kids a thing or two about science.

Send it to the Office

Bring your extra candy to your office or send it in with your spouse. While you may have some hopped up co-workers for awhile, it’s better than rambunctious kids!

Candy Buy-Back

Some dentists will buy your children’s Halloween candy (up to a certain dollar amount) in the name of healthy teeth. Ask if any of your local dentistry offices participate.

Party Favors

If you have a child’s birthday party coming up, use your candy for party favor bags or to stuff a piñata. This is a great way to dispose of Halloween candy while fulfilling other needs as well.

Holiday Baking

Save some items for your upcoming holiday baking. Chocolates can be melted for desserts and some candies makes great toppings for brownies, cookies and other sweets.

Candy Math and Game Pieces

While they won’t last forever and may get eaten by the dog, you can use small candies to work out math problems or to play games. These manipulatives may make learning a little more palatable.

Donate to Ronald McDonald Houses

Many Ronald McDonald Houses accept unopened Halloween candy for donation.

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