The Trendiest Ways to Layer your Nursing Tank Tops

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‘Tis the season for layering, mamas! Transitional weather combined with hormones that cause your body temperature to shift means layering is a must. Today we’re sharing the trendiest ways to layer your nursing tank tops this fall.

Why layer your nursing tank tops? When you’re a mom-to-be or new mom, you need to be prepared for anything. And staying comfortable is essential so you’re always in your best spirits. When you layer your nursing tank tops you can peel off jackets, sweaters, hoodies and shirts in a flash to cool off or feed your baby. It’s just that simple.

Here are the trendiest ways to layer your nursing tank tops this fall:

Sweaters: When it’s cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon, a sweater is a terrific piece to layer over nursing tank tops. Pullovers or button-down cardigans are equally as warm and on-trend. Styling tip: Wear contrasting colors for a more interesting outfit and let your tank top show at the top or bottom of your sweater.

Blazers: At the office or committee meeting, you’ll be the “mom in charge” when you layer a blazer over your nursing tank tops. And the only thing between you and breastfeeding or pumping is a few buttons and nursing clasps. Styling tip: A chunky necklace is the perfect jewelry to pump up this sophisticated look.

Oversized Flannel: Weekend days call for comfort. Layer an oversized flannel shirt over your nursing tank top and cuddle up your little love for a warm and cozy weekend. For expectant moms who can no longer button their flannels over their bumps, wear them open for a breezier outfit. Styling tip: Skinny jeans or maternity leggings on bottom will balance your oversized flannel for a trendy yet relaxed feel.

Wrap Dress: Wrap dresses are flattering on most body shapes and work beautifully with nursing tank tops underneath. With easy one-handed nursing clasps on your cami and the natural v-shape neckline that pulls aside, breastfeeding in a wrap dress is a cinch. Styling tip: The wrap dress is a great look for nursing moms and moms-to-be during holiday parties.

Sheer Blouse: Fashion-forward moms love the sheer look and it’s perfect to layer over nursing tank tops. You’ll look and feel super cool in this trend. Styling tip: Sheer tops work in both cropped and extra long styles and are a great way to cover up any bulges you want to hide.

Hoodie: Every mom needs a few great hoodies and nursing tank tops fit beautifully beneath. During pregnancy you can wear your everyday hoodies unzipped without having to buy new ones to fit your bump. Styling tip: Yoga pants or any athletic bottoms complete your athleisure look.

Fitted Oxford: For moms who want a more structured look, layer your nursing tank tops under fitted oxford shirts that are easy to unbutton for breastfeeding. With rolled sleeves this is a fabulous look for fall. Styling tip: Fitted Oxfords can also layer under sweaters and blazers so you can continue to remove layers as needed during your day.

Jackets: Denim, military, leather and anything in-between works for layering in fall. Just throw on that jacket when you head out the door and you’ve got a trendy outfit with minimal effort. Styling tip: Every mom-to-be and new mom needs her go-to pants that make her feel like a million bucks every time she wears them. Make your life easier by investing in these pants and throwing them on with a cute jacket on days when finding an outfit seems like a hassle.


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