Back to School: The Secret Lives of Moms


Congratulations, moms! You made it through another summer and finally the kids are headed back to school. Hallelujah! Now get ready for some “Me Time” as you hit the gym, take mid-morning naps, lunch with friends, and simply chill out and catch your breath. For that, you’ll need some reinforcements in the form of sports bras, sleep bras, bralettes, and leisure bras. And we’ve got you covered for all of these back to school needs!

The Secret Lives of Moms Begins

Yup, your kids’ summer is officially winding down. You’ve survived cook outs and campouts. Road trips, guilt trips, and power trips. Amusement parks and ballparks; Playgrounds and spray-grounds. Sugar highs, high dives, and high jinx. Late nights, water-gun fights, and insect bites. And we’re sure it was all a marvelous-good time and your kids thanked you for every second of their spectacular summer.

With lunches packed and the bookbags full of school supplies, you wave goodbye to your precious children as they start a new school year. But most importantly, the secret lives of moms is about the begin…

The sky’s the limit moms – at least until 2:30 p.m. You can do anything your heart desires – as long as you can make it back for carpool line. And girl do we have some ideas for you!

Overindulge in Screen Time

You know all that screen time you nagged your kids about all summer long. Well guess what? It’s all yours now, moms! You can binge watch every Netflix original and no one’s going to steal the remote. Or, get your fingers involved and check out those video games you spent a fortune on for your kids. See for yourself just how addicting they really are.

What You’ll Need: Leisure Bras

When you’re laid back on the couch fully engrossed in screen time, you need bras that are truly comfortable. Leisure bras are the ideal blend of stretchy comfort and gentle support that lounging when your kids go back to school is made of. Our front closure leisure bras like The Meryl and The Marlene are easy on-easy off with wide comfort straps, a ballet back, and soft fabrics that will keep you wanting more.

Leisurely Lunch with Friends

Treat yourself to some real food at a restaurant that wouldn’t dream of serving mac-n-cheese or chicken fingers. At this lively lunch with friends, no one’s on the 16-minute ticking time bomb clock before someone has a meltdown or spills ketchup all over themselves. You can chat for hours and even get to eat an entire dessert by yourself. Can’t you just taste it now?

What You’ll Need: Bralettes

This lunch is all about reminding yourself just how cute you are when you don’t have to wear mom-appropriate shorts and muted tones that won’t attract bees. Finally, you can revive your inner fashionista and you’ll want to do it in our stylish bralettes. Whether you like to show a little strap or keep them hidden, bralettes are posh-perfect for lunch dates. Check out The Nola lace bralette with a front closure design and chic cutout back. Or get ultra-support and a smooth finish in The Greta and our newest lace-trim bralette, The Lucille.

Hit the Gym

You’ve probably been feeling the pull of the Namaste all summer. You might have gazed longingly at others jogging in the park while you watched your child do the same slide for the 47th time. Or yearned for your favorite cycling class but it just didn’t work out with the swim team schedule. Now you have the freedom to do any workout you want all morning long. It’s like Christmas…in August.

What You’ll Need: Sports Bras

Flying high on endorphins is made even sweeter with the right athletic outfits. That starts with our best-selling sports bra, The Serena, which features dual-layer sweat-wicking cotton and a simple pullover racerback design. It’s great for everything from hiking and cycling, to yoga and lifting. Paired with our control waist capri or full length super soft legging, you’ll be lovin’ your look when you return to the gym after a summer hiatus.

Take a Nap

When’s the last time you took a really good nap? It must have been some time way before summer. Now’s the time to catch up on all that sleep you lost because you were being the cool mom who let her kids stay up late every night of the summer even when it was way past your bedtime. Draw the blackout curtains, snuggle up with your comforter, and enter dreamland for a few restful hours. The extra sleep will change your life.

What You’ll Need: Sleep Bras

Sleep bras are like sleep itself – it looks like nothing’s happening but there’s really a lot going on. Sleep bras gently support your breasts to prevent general discomfort and the dreaded boob divide when one sags left and the other sags right. Your breasts will remain secure in flexible, breathable designs that ensure you don’t feel the bra, but you know it’s there. Our crossover sleep bras like The Serenity and The Harmony will keep you so cozy you may just nap all morning long.

Again, excellent work making it through the summer, moms! Whatever way you choose to spend your renewed free time, we hope you’ll do it with a little reinforcement from Leading Lady.


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