Fit & Fabulous: How to Find Sports Bras for Your Body

It’s a New Year and it’s time to get fit and fabulous. Are you ready?

Forget the over-hyped focus on weight and turn your attention to true fitness for the sake of health, and exercise because it makes you feel phenomenal. Besides inspiration, the #1 thing women need for successful workouts is great sports bras. As always, Leading Lady is here to help you find sports bras and leggings for your unique body.

Lesser Known Benefits of Exercise

If you’re like most people, getting in shape is one of your New Year’s resolutions. Traditionally this is one of the top five self-improvement goals people set when the calendar starts anew. Sure, losing weight may be a byproduct of exercise but it shouldn’t be your motivating factor. More important is what physical activity does inside your body – strengthens your heart, builds muscle, boosts your metabolism, and reduces risk of many major life-threatening diseases.

But if that’s not enough to get your heart-pounding, working out has some other lesser-known benefits that may just be the encouragement you need to get fit and fabulous this year. Here’s what the research shows:

  • Exercise can improve brain power and slow memory loss.
  • Physical activity increases bone mineral content to reduce risk of bone disease.
  • Exercise generally increases creativity and productivity.
  • Working out decreases stress, anxiety, depression while increasing relaxation and happiness.
  • Increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells for a more radiant and youthful appearance.
  • Exercise may speed up recovery and rehabilitation from major illnesses.

Sports Bras & Plus Size Sports Bras

Getting into an exercise routine starts with the right attitude and the right gear. Comfortable, supportive sports bras are essential for productive workouts. Whether you’re power-walking, doing yoga, or cycling, you’ll need sports bras or plus size sports bras that offer moisture-wicking breathability and a flexible yet supportive fit to reduce chaffing and bounce. The Serena racerback sports bra is designed with exactly these features and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your style on any given day. It is available in sizes 36B/C/D to 56DD/F/G.

Athletic Leggings, Plus Size Leggings & Maternity Leggings

Next on your gear list is a pair of chic athletic leggings, plus size leggings or maternity leggings. These will take you to the gym, park, or sports field in style. Leading Lady’s capri control-top high waist leggings, available as plus size leggings, are ideal for any type of exercise. They offer gentle tummy control in a spandex blend that hugs and slims from your waist to your claves. Trendy pockets for mobile phone, earbuds, keys and wallet make working out super convenient. Or try our newest ankle-length leggings and plus size leggings that feature a stretchy opaque flex fit. For moms-to-be, our maternity leggings with a patented built-in belly support band are ideal for light exercise including walking, pre-natal yoga, and kick-boxing.

Nursing Sports Bras

Expectant and nursing moms can enjoy the support and comfort you need in our nursing sports bras. As you’re getting fit and fabulous during pregnancy and nursing, your breasts may be more sensitive or fuller than usual. Plus, as a breastfeeding mom, you’ll want nursing bra convenience to easily go from workouts to feedings.

Leading Lady offers three amazing nursing sports bras for new moms and moms-to-be. The Danika is our athleisure cotton sports bra. With an extended band, this seamless bra feels divine on tender breasts. The stylish pink trim or stripes makes this a winner for athletics and beyond. Need extra support? Try The Vivien, that has superior lift in a wireless band, encapsulating triangle cups, and cushioned straps. The Natalie is a cross between the two, also featuring cushioned straps and a cotton seamless design.

Power up your New Year’s resolution of being fit and fabulous with the right sports bras for your body!

Sources: HealthCentral, Time, and Greatist

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