New Year, New You, New Bras

We’re celebrating a NEW everything and that includes NEW bras! As you jump into 2019 with a positive attitude and fresh goals in mind, new bras are just what you’ll need to launch your best year ever.  Leading Lady’s comprehensive collection of full figure bras, everyday bras, maternity bras, and nursing bras are designed to meet you where you are. That’s every aspect of your lifestyle, every occasion, and every wardrobe change. And when you shop with us, you get all the perks that make buying fabulous bras online a pleasurable experience.

Find Your Fit with our Bra Size Calculator

The New Year is the perfect time for a bra check-up! That includes measuring your bra size and evaluating your bras. You may be surprised to know that your bra size can fluctuate quite often based on weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, muscle toning, aging, and other lifestyle factors. So, we recommend measuring your bra size every six months. We’ve made that super simple with our handy bra size calculator, complete with a printable measuring tape.

Next, you’ll need to evaluate your current bras. Donate or recycle ones that are no longer your size or style. Also look for worn hardware, stretched fabric, loss of elasticity, or fraying. These are signs that your bras may not support you as they should, not to mention they may be uncomfortable and not fit well.

Styles for Your Lifestyle

You deserve impeccable fit in every bra style your life requires. And if you’re like most women, that covers quite a few categories. But don’t get overwhelmed by possibilities, we’re simplifying it for you here and now. These are your must-have bra styles for 2019:

Everyday Bras

Whether you’re wearing full figure bras, nursing bras, specialty size bras, or average size bras, you’ll want a few go-to everyday bras. These will be the ones that are great for running errands, casual dinner with friends, or a family outing. Styles like our supportive bralettes, wireless lace bras, or our cotton nursing bras or nursing tank tops are ideal for these occasions.

Contoured Bras

When your outfit calls for something that really accentuates your curves, give your silhouette a sleek start with our contoured t-shirt bras. You’ll love the lightly molded, padded cups, cushioned straps, side-to-back smoothing zones, and supportive bands with four hook-and-eye closures for maximum flexibility.

Leisure Bras

Relaxing and enjoying low-key activities with friends and family are made even more comfortable with Leading Lady’s leisure bras. The soft, stretchy fabrics hug your body and offer gentle support. They’re easy-on, easy-off and easy to wear all day long.

Sports Bras

Whether you’re the athletic or athleisure type, we have full figure sports bras, nursing sports bras, and regular sports bras that will suit your needs and style. Designed for light-to-moderate exercise, our styles are made with moisture-wicking fabrics that help prevent bouncing and shifting while you’re on the move and in the groove.

Sleep Bras

Catch your zzz’s in our most comfortable sleep bras. With front closures and pullover styles, you can rest in any position without clasps in your way. The New Year is a great time to get in the habit of sleeping in a bra. It can be life-changing and totally dreamy.

Confidence-Boosting Bras

Every woman has days when she needs to pump it up and our confidence-boosting bras are here to serve. Feminine features like lace overlays, scalloped lace trims, delicate details, and sophisticated designs help you look and feel great from morning to night.

The Leading Lady Difference

We know you have options when it comes to buying bras. We work hard to make your experience pleasurable and convenient so we’ll continue to be your go-to online bra boutique. In addition to our online bra size calculator, our customer service team is available to make bra size and style recommendations specific to your measurements and lifestyle needs.

We want you to feel confident wearing our bras and with your purchase. Should you find your bras don’t fit as expected, simply return them for a no-hassle exchange. We’ll be happy to send you a new size to ensure you’re wearing the bras that makes you feel comfortable, supported and stylish. That’s on top of our everyday free shipping!

We reward our loyal customers with extra discounts send through email subscription. If you don’t receive these weekly money-saving emails, sign up at the bottom of our homepage.

We also pride ourselves on being a valuable resource to our customers. While we love talking about bras, we’re nurturing every aspect of you with information about health, wellness, breastfeeding, beauty, fashion, relationships, childcare and many other aspects of women’s interests. Our blogs and our breastfeeding resources are a wealth of information on a variety of topics important to your life.

We’re thrilled to be on your journey this year. Happiest New Year to you. Cheers to a year of health, happiness, and really wonderful bras!

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