Have Bras, Will Travel! Tips for Packing and Caring for Your Bras on Vacation

Whether you’re headed to the beach or to explore a new country, strategic packing can make a world of difference. Once you’ve selected your travel outfits, it’s time to carefully choose and pack your bras and nursing bras. Today we’re helping you decide which bra styles and colors you’ll need, how to pack them in your luggage, and how to care for your bras on the road.

Selecting your Travel Bras

If you’re bra lovers like us, it’s hard to narrow down your bras for vacation. But if you think about it, you probably don’t need to bring every fabulous bra in your intimates’ drawer. Three travel bras should suffice for an average week-long trip. Of course, this will vary if you’re traveling for longer or if your itinerary calls for some opposite extremes.

When selecting bras for your travel wardrobe, consider keeping them basic. That goes for colors and styles. Nude bras pair nicely under just about anything – even black – so you can’t go wrong with a bra or nursing bra in nude. If you tend to wear mostly black, you could opt for a black bra instead or in addition to nude. Avoid bright patterns that won’t work well under most of your outfits.

Versatile styles will also be your best bet while traveling. That’s why t shirt bras are our top pick while away from home. The smooth cups, secure straps, and supportive bands will keep you comfortable all day and look good under everything from casual rompers to dressy attire.

Our Picks for Travel Bras

Essential T Shirt Bras: The Brigitte Collection features every style t shirt bra you could dream of in sizes that support your unique body – from cups A to G and bands 32 to 54. Our t shirt bras in The Brigitte Collection include:

Nursing T Shirt Bras: We have a variety of maternity bras and nursing bras that offer the sleek comfort of a t shirt bra along with easy one-handed nursing clasps. Take your pick of one of these for your next trip.

Cotton Bras: Natural, breathable cotton is an excellent travel fabric because it always feels good, it’s easy to wash, and it hardly wrinkles. Even if you’re not traveling somewhere warm, chances are you’re going to need a breathable bra – like when you’re sitting on a stuffy airplane or waiting in a long museum line. Soft cotton will lie nicely under your travel wardrobe and is easy to pack.

Check out our cotton nursing bras including; 
The Natalie padded nursing bra

and The Uma wireless nursing bra.

Our women’s plus size cotton bras include
The Bettie latex-free wireless bra

and our unprecedented leisure and sleep bras like
The Meryl and The Harmony.

These are great multi-purpose bras if you need sleep bras while out of town.

Sports Bras: Ok, we know your idea of a vacation may not include working out, but just think about how comfortable and supportive your sports bras are. Whether you’ll be active and on-the-move, or more sedentary and lounging around, sports bras really do make sense as a simple bra for a trip.
Plus, our best sports bra, The Serena,

and our nursing sports bras including The Danika and The Vivien,

offer cotton options like we mentioned above.

Packing Your Travel Bras

The goal when packing your travel bras is to ensure they don’t get damaged. For molded bras, that means the contoured cups stay nicely rounded without irreversible creasing. For underwire bras you’ll want to protect the integrity of the metal so it doesn’t bend or morph. Lace bras can easily get snagged if they are not packed properly. Even simple cotton bras or wireless bras can look like they’ve been through the ringer if you don’t pack them carefully.

There are several ways to pack your travel bras. Some women play it super safe and purchase a bra travel case, a hard box that houses their bras for travel. Several types of bra cases are available allowing you store multiple bras together so they won’t be damaged in transport. If you’re not up for buying a case, you can use a bra wash bag or simply put your bras in a Ziplock bag leaving a bit of air to protect them.

You can also not enclose your bras in anything, but rather fold the cups into one another and surround them with small, soft objects like underwear and socks. You can place these amongst your clothes or in a corner with your bra cups following the curve of your suitcase. Steer clear of packing bras near your toiletries in case of leaks or potentially getting torn on zippers.

Caring for Your Bras While Traveling

If you bring three bras on a one-week trip you probably won’t need to wash them, but you may want to air them out overnight rather than storing them back in your bag. Leaving them hanging in a bathroom will allow them to soak up steam from your shower and possibly ease wrinkles.

If your bras get very dirty on your trip, hand-washing is the best way to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Rinse them in a sink using a delicate detergent. If you have the opportunity, line dry them outside to brighten them.

Remember, don’t stuff your bras in a dirty clothes bag for your trip home. Store them the same way as your departure and then wash them thoroughly when you return.

Happy travels, ladies!

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