White-Hot Summer! Bra Solutions for a Trendy Summer


Get ready for a White-Hot Summer! It’s not that we’re not wishing away spring, but we sure are excited about the onset of summer! As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, new trends are on the horizon. Leading Lady’s forward-thinking bra collection and maternity and nursing bras will help you embrace the upcoming white-hot summer. Today we’re diving into summer lifestyle trends and sharing bra solutions for your trendiest summer yet.

Outdoor fun, beach vacations, sundresses, sandals and sunglasses, and a more laid-back attitude are usually on tap for the season. Summer trends for 2019 incorporate all the usual stuff, and add in the juxtaposition of nature and technology, plus free-spirited simplicity and sleek sophistication, to create a beautiful balance of modern elegance.

Take a peek at what’s in vogue this white-hot summer and how to prep your bras:

Athleisure All Day, Every Day

Depending on your lifestyle, you may be living in your athleisure-wear all day, everyday over the summer. (Or at least on the weekends if your day job isn’t quite on board with attire that casual yet.) Athleisure is the ultimate union of comfortable athletic-ready clothes that can be worn for everyday purposes. Summer is the perfect time for your athleisure wardrobe because you can readily switch gears from active to everyday.

Putting together your athleisure look is easy with Leading Lady’s sports bras and leggings.

The Serena sports bra The Serena Wire Free Sport Full Figure Bra | 514 is the ideal place to start with   every athleisure outfit. That’s because the dual-layer cotton sports bra features a comfortable racerback design to reduce bouncing and shifting during movement and it comes in 10 fashionable colors and prints. As a plus size sports bra, it is available in up to size 56 DD/F/G.

The Danika is our breathable cotton nursing sports bra The Danika - Cotton Seamless Athleisure Sports Nursing Bra | 4020that makes breastfeeding convenient, comfortable and stylish for any athleisure day.

Our plus size leggings and maternity leggings round your athleisure outfits with a stretchy cotton blend that gently hugs your curves.

Our maternity leggings and maternity jeggings Maternity Jeggings | 4700cradle your bump with a built-in expandable maternity support band that grows with your belly. On the full figure side, our super soft control waist plus size leggings and our high waist capri full figure leggings ensure you’re comfortable, supported, and fashionable for workouts and beyond.


Appreciate the Smoke & Mirrors

This year introduced a new design trend that incorporates multi-functional mirrors into furniture, architecture and even a virtual reality experience of trying on clothes. We highly recommend traditional mirrors for checking out your look every day, and we’re in favor of using “smoke and mirrors” to enhance that look whenever possible. After all, every woman has a few tricks up her sleeve to help her look her best.

When it comes to bras, nursing bras, and shapewear, “smoke and mirrors”  comes in the form of smoothing zones that tuck in just the right places. You know those little budges underneath your arms, or the back bubbles formed when you have bra fitting problems? You can erase those areas with our strategic bras and shapewear designed to hide problem areas.

The entire Brigitte collection features side-to-back smoothing zones that take over where the cups leave off. Our Brigitte underwire bras and wireless bras come in many styles including classic, full coverage, lace and racerback. With over 75 size combinations ranging from A to G cups and 32 to 56 bands, this is the bra that will help you achieve a perfect bra fit, which inherently decreases unsightly bulges caused by a bra that’s too tight or one that gapes.

Many of our nursing bras and postpartum shapewear also help create a beautiful silhouette for new moms. Styles like The Melody  and The Carole,  both nursing t shirt bras with lightly molded cups, feature smoothing zones and a silky finish that polishes off your outfits. And our postpartum shapewear collection features a nursing tank top that hugs your belly and back, and panty briefs and boyshorts to help with unwanted bulges on your lower body.

 The Melody - Nursing T-Shirt Bra | 4103               The Carole - Cool Fit Underwire Nursing Bra | 4056

Let’s Get Strappy

Gladiator sandals are all the rage. Who can resist all those chic straps?!?! As you’re slipping into your strappy shoes, take a moment to look at your bra straps too. Straps are often a leading complaint about bra fitting problems – whether they’re too tight and digging into your shoulders, or too loose and falling off them. We put a lot of time thinking about strap designs because we know they are so important for your perfect bra fit, and we know you may want to show off those straps sometimes too.

Adjustability is a key benefit of most of our bras because adjustable straps help you find your best fit every day. Many of our bras feature cushioned straps that are slightly wider and softer than the average bra strap. This makes them more comfortable and stationary as the straps disperse weight across your shoulders and back. We also offer delicate thin straps if you want invisibility beneath sleeveless shirts and dresses. And our fun crisscross bralette designs add extra sass, especially if you want to show a little strap.

Beyond our signature cushioned straps, we offer several racerback bra styles that are excellent for more active days. Not only do the straps stay put, they also bring the focus of the entire bra to the center to help secure your breasts. For relaxation, our leisure and sleep bras often feature extra wide straps with ballet backs designed to fully support your upper body during rest.

It’s ALL ”white” to Wear White

Whatever your beliefs may be about donning your white outfits exclusively between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or wearing white bras under white tops, white bras are always on trend. The crisp purity of a white bra is like nothing else in your wardrobe. The white-hot summer is the time to feel that freshness as much as you’d like.

Almost every style in our bra collection and our maternity and nursing bra collection comes in white. Classic white is versatile and stylish in anything from a t shirt bra or lace bra, to a sleep bra or sports bra. Keep your white bras white by hand washing them and letting them soak in some distilled vinegar. Also, line drying them in the sunshine helps keep your whites bright.

Nature-Inspired Everything

From food to skincare, natural products are growing more popular by the day. This trend also applies to your wardrobe and your bras. Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo are comfortable on your skin, durable, and better for the environment. Don’t you just love it when everyone wins?

Leading Lady’s selection of skin-loving natural fabric blends will help you stay incredibly comfortable during the hot summer months. Breathable cotton bras like our The Meryl cotton front closure sleep bra, The Harmony cotton crossover sleep bra, and The Bettie latex-free wireless bra  are great for summertime, day and night. On the nursing side, try The Uma cotton wireless nursing bras,   The Natalie cotton nursing sports bra, or any of our cotton nursing tank tops. And of course our amazing bamboo sleep bra, The Serenity, offers unique cooling properties for warm summer nights.

The Meryl - Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra | 110  The Harmony - Cotton Crossover Sleep and Leisure Bra | 4011  The Bettie - Cotton Latex Free Wireless Bra | 600  

The Uma - Cotton Wirefree Nursing Bra | 4001  The Natalie - Cotton Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra | 4059  The Serenity - Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra | 4502

KISS: Keep It Simple, Sister

This summer is all about de-cluttering and simplifying life. Not everything has to be complicated and elaborate, including your bras. We’re taking the guesswork out of bra shopping with our easy bra fit calculator, lifestyle categories, and ability to shop by style, size, color, and fabric. Plus, our free returns and exchanges ensure you’ll end up with a bra you love every time you shop with Leading Lady.

We hope you have a trendy white-hot summer!


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