Keep Your Cool with Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties


Listen up, ladies. Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties are the sweetest way to stay cool this summer. Yes, we’re talking sexy plus size panties that actually keep you feeling fresh…down there!

Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties | 5800    Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties | 5800

We’re sure you can relate to this: It’s blistering hot outside, there’s no shade in sight, and sweat is pouring from every inch of your body. You feel a bead slowly rolling down your back headed straight for your underwear. You do a quick shimmy shift to dodge the drop. Score! You managed to do it this time. But the threat of more drippage is just too much to bear.

Keep a cool head about it. What you need are some Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties!

These unique sexy plus size panties are just the thing to cool you down this summer. Infused with ultra-fresh cooling technology, our panty briefs help wick away sweat and moisture and retain a cool, dry feel. Plus, the full coverage design helps tuck and slim your shape for a beautiful silhouette under sundresses, shorts, and your swankiest summertime outfits.

When you want to feel fresh and fabulous, a sexy bra and panties set is on the menu. Need a buddy to get fresh with? These sexy plus size panties coordinate with our signature t shirt bras to make a sexy bra and panties set. We have matching and coordinating colors with The Brigitte Full Coverage Underwire Bra, The Brigitte Full Coverage Wireless Bra, The Brigitte Racerback Bra, The Brigitte Classic Underwire Bra, and The Brigitte Classic Wireless Bra.

Chilling out and being comfortable in our Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties comes in just your size and just your style. We offer these sexy plus size panties in sizes 5 to 12 and seven color and pattern choices including basics, leopard print, and florals. We bet you’ll love them so much, you’ll want to buy our 2-packs or 3-packs for an even better value.

Just like sipping ice-cold lemonade or biting into chilled watermelon, beat the heat and keep your cool with our Comfort Fresh Cooling Panties.

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