The Miracle of a Side Smoothing Bra

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Each woman’s body is uniquely beautiful and continues to change throughout her lifetime. This is especially true of breasts and the areas that surround breasts. When side bulge begins to show, it’s time to witness the miracle of a side smoothing bra.

Breasts are made of tissue but the type of tissue changes with age. Younger breasts contain mostly glands and hormones. As a woman ages, the ratio of fat in her breast tissue increases. Genetics plays a role in the proportion of fat in breast tissue and how that fat distributes in the surrounding areas as well.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts may begin to become fattier and tend to become their fattiest around menopause. Along with the increase in fatty tissue, many women experience side bulge, commonly referred to as bra bulge. It can start beneath the armpit and extend down the side of her chest.

Even the fittest women can get side bulge. It’s just part of aging and a woman’s genetic code. Some exercises can strengthen the muscles underneath the fat, but muscle-building alone usually doesn’t eliminate the problem. Sometimes strict cardio that reduces overall body fat can help, but again, it’s really a matter of genetics.

That’s when women turn to the miracle of a side smoothing bra!

If, no matter how hard you work to eliminate side bulge, you still have the pudgy pockets, don’t fret. Leading Lady’s side smoothing feature on many of our full figure bras is exactly what you need to create that fabulous silhouette you desire.

Our full figure bras are uniquely designed to help tuck away that unwanted side bulge. Full coverage cups support your breasts from the top and cover more of the tissue beneath the armpit. From there, the cup connects to an ultra supportive band with structured side-smoothing panels that hide the bumps and create a sleek shape. The smoothing zones continue from the sides to the back for a seamless look.

You won’t believe how your side bulges melt away with innovative side-smoothing full figure bras like our Luxe Body T-shirt Bra, available in both wirefree and underwire. This smooth-as-silk bra contours and accentuates the curves you love and makes everything else disappear beneath your clothes.

For women who prefer front closure bras, our Luxe Lace Front Closure Bra or Ultimate Comfort Bra feature the miracle of side-smoothing with the convenience of front hook-and-eye closures.

If you like a little lace, our Dreamy Comfort Lace Full Figure Bra or our Balconette Padded Comfort Bra are the ones to try. They feature beautiful lace designs while still offering the smoothest sides you can imagine.

If you haven’t experienced the miracle of side-smoothing, you’ve just got to try one of Leading Lady’s full figure bras. You may not be able to change the make-up of your breast tissue or your genes, but you can tame them both with the miracle of side-smoothing!

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