4th of July: Celebrate with Baby

Mom Breastfeeding BabyAny first holiday with baby is an exciting time, and you’ll surely want to have your camera handy.  Celebrating the 4th of July with your baby in a couple of days is no exception.

Perhaps you’ve already selected baby’s red, white and blue outfit with matching bow or bow tie.  Maybe 4th of July is the first time your baby will taste cake.  And of course, it is a great time to learn new songs while baby keeps the beat waving an American flag.

All the activities you may have planned should be a fun new experience, but holidays with baby can also throw off your schedule and be somewhat overwhelming to your little one.  We’ve put together a few tips to help keep everyone in their brightest holiday spirits:

Try not to mess with sleep!  If your baby tends to fall asleep in the car and you have a long drive to the lake, schedule the road trip during nap time so your bundle of joy is joyously rested when you arrive.  Try to keep bedtime as close to its usual time as possible as well.

Just like the rest of us, babies get cranky when they are hungry.  If you have to adjust your breastfeeding schedule slightly, err on the side of offering it more often than less. Be sure to read your baby’s signs of hunger like putting her hands in her mouth, being extra fussy or nuzzling in towards your breasts.  All that action may make her hungrier than usual.  Be prepared for breastfeeding in public by wearing a nursing bra or nursing tank, and bring any other supplies you might want on hand like a cover or bottle of water.

Talk to your little one about what she will see, who she will meet and what you will be doing.  While you may not get a response, your baby absorbs much more than you might think.

Expose your baby to new things and people, but if she doesn’t like them, don’t force them on her.  For example, fireworks can be an amazing sight for some, but others will not care of the loud noises and vibrations.  Give her a chance to experience it, but if she doesn’t like it, take her to a quieter, less-stimulating place until the show is over.

We hope your 4th of July is truly a celebration of family and country with your new little one.  We’re celebrating with our Red, White & YOU Sale!  You can save 25% on your entire purchase when you buy 2 or more regularly priced nursing bras.

Happy 4th!

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