8 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Surprises for your Sweetheart

Psst…Here’s a secret: Valentine’s Day is not all about sex.  Spending quality time with your husband or boyfriend can be just as intimate, stimulating and loving as making love itself.  Fortunately, you have an entire day to pack it all in!

We believe Valentine’s day should be full of the unexpected joyfulness that represents you and your man as a couple.  If you’re still struggling with what to do on the day of love, we’ve got eight Valentine’s Day surprises that may be perfect for you and your sweetheart this year:

8 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Surprises for your SweetheartTake a Dance Class:  Nothing gets the juices flowing like dancing.  This full-body experience will get you and your beau in sync.   Even if you aren’t the best dancers, let lose a little and let the rhythm guide you.  The closeness of being in each other’s harms and moving your bodies together is just what this holiday is all about.

Make a Meal Together…In Your Undies:  Cooking together stimulates many senses at once.  And if you do it in a bra and panties, it will stimulate a few more.  Making a meal is an activity that requires joint decision making and teamwork, two important qualities of your partnership. Plus, doing anything half naked is a lot more fun!

Partake in an Extreme Adventure:  If dancing and cooking don’t really do it for you, maybe something a little more extreme is in order.  Take the plunge and try something heart-pounding together such as skydiving, parasailing, race car driving, spelunking or bungee jumping.  See who is the biggest dare devil in your relationship.

Give a Plant:  Traditional Valentine’s flowers fade, wilt and eventually die.  That’s not representative of your love!  Buy your honey a beautiful flowering plant that will last much longer, perhaps one you can plant in your yard this spring.  Like your love, you can nurture it together.

Have a Change of Heart:  Have you been holding on to something that is causing tension in your relationship?  Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to let it go and give the gift of a changed heart.  Maybe you’ve been resistant to a change your partner suggested or trying new things.  Show him how much you care by giving his ideas a chance.

8 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Surprises for your SweetheartGive Him a Sexy New Bra:  Ok, ok, not for him to wear!  Buy yourself a beautiful new sexy full figure bra from LeadingLady.com and wrap it up for your man.  Trust us, he’ll love this gift once you’re in it.

Give From the Heart:  Spending time with your loved one doing something for others is an awesome way to spend part of your V-day.  Volunteer at a shelter, clean up a nature preserve, visit a hospital or give blood – It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it is helping others from the heart.

Go To the Park:  More than wild activities or wining and dining, perhaps what you need most is a little R&R.  Strolling through the park or having a picnic is a wonderful way to kick back and relax on a beautiful backdrop with the person you love.  There’s nothing like nature to rejuvenate the spirit, including the spirit of love.

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