Breastfeeding on Vacation: Tips from Leading Lady

Breastfeeding with Leading LadyA relaxing summer vacation may be just what you need as the weather warms and you’re getting anxious to travel again.  Picture yourself sightseeing in a new city, lying on a sandy beach or visiting friends and family.  It can be done, even with baby and while breastfeeding.  Babies are quite portable and more adaptable than you might think.  As long as your pediatrician is on board, don’t be afraid to take your baby on vacation this summer.  It just takes a little preparation and flexibility.

  • If your baby is on a feeding schedule, think about where you will be in your travel plans during feeding times and map out a good place to nurse.  A quiet corner at an airport gate, a ladies lounge at a shopping center or even on a park bench so you can enjoy the scenery while baby has a snack.
  • If your baby feeds on demand, be sure you have any necessary supplies with you at all times, like you burp cloth and nursing cover if you use one.
  • If finding a good spot to nurse becomes a problem, ask for help.  Most businesses, museums and other establishments will be more than happy to help you find a comfy chair and privacy to breastfeed.
  • If your baby tends to have a sensitive stomach, be conscious of the variety of new foods you eat while traveling.  Introduce new foods into your diet slowly so you don’t overwhelm baby with too much change at once.
  • Wear the appropriate nursing attire to make breastfeeding quick and easy on the go.  Nursing bras are an essential part of your vacation intimates wardrobe.  A nursing cami is also a perfect choice as a summertime top to pair with shorts, skirts and jeans.  If you’re staying at grandma’s house or with friends, be prepared for nighttime feedings in Leading Lady’s nursing chemise, a nursing nightgown with full support and coverage.
  • Stick to your breastfeeding routine as much as possible.  If you typically sing to your baby or rub her back while nursing, don’t let your new surrounding change this habit.  Your baby may notice and feel less comfortable nursing.  Likewise, if your baby is used to having a stimulating image, texture or sound while nursing, be sure to recreate that on vacation too.
  • If you plan to get a babysitter or have grandma and grandpa watch baby for a few hours, bring your pump so you can leave them with expressed milk.
  • Stay positive and keep an open mind.  You’re on vacation so relax as much as you can and go with the flow.  New sights, sounds and environments are an excellent sensory growth experience for your baby.

We hope you enjoy your summer vacation!

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