Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Breastfeeding with Leading LadyWe are in the business of celebrating motherhood every day, but Mother’s Day is that special time when we all take an extra moment to share our thoughts and feelings with mom.  As a new mom or mom-to-be, you may have a bigger soft spot in your heart now that you’ve experienced motherhood first hand.  Hopefully you can take this Mother’s Day to reflect on your mom’s loving role in your life, and how you will share a similar love, kindness and nurturing spirit with your new baby.

A mom’s most important role is to love her children and ensure their health and safety.  Breastfeeding is the intersection of these fundamental basic needs, which makes it the ultimate gift a mother can give her baby.

Breast milk is the most wholesome food and the perfect nutrition for baby until six months of age.  This powerful milk protects babies from a host of illnesses, including cancers, diabetes and allergies.  Breastfeeding increases bonding between mom and baby, usually creating a calmer environment for both.  And beyond the incredible health benefits for baby, moms who breastfeed experience less postnatal complications, and lower their risk for ovarian cancer, breast cancer and osteoporosis.

Leading Lady's Cotton Front Closure Leisure BraYou may be juggling a lot of new things right now, but we hope you’ll take the time to thank your mom for her dedication, compassion and endless love.  While your baby may not be able to formulate the words yet, he is surely thanking you with smiles, coos and snuggles.  And you can thank him for the amazing benefits you are getting from breastfeeding, both physically and emotionally.  Like many of your other traits, your  loving and nurturing spirit is surely one you will be happy to pass down from generation to generation.

It’s almost Mother’s Day and we’re celebrating moms in a big way with lots of love, appreciation, and a sale of course!  As our Mother’s Day gift to you, when you buy 3 bras you will get 1 FREE today through Mother’s Day.  So stock up on your favorite nursing bra styles, nursing tank tops and sleep and leisure bras.


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