Leading Lady Summer Nursing Bra Picks

If you’re like us, you like to keep things light and airy in the summer, especially when you are nursing.  When you are strolling around the park with baby, or perhaps perusing a craft fair with baby in a sling, you’ll surely want to keep your wardrobe cool.  And that includes your nursing bra wardrobe too!

Selecting just the right bras for breastfeeding during the summer means finding styles that are supportive and comfortable for your daily activities, plus look great under your summer attire.  With Leading Lady’s wide selection of nursing bras and nursing camis, finding the styles that are just right for you is a cinch.

Nursing CamiOur number one pick for summer nursing is a nursing cami.  This functional tank top with a built-in nursing bra can be worn as a top or as a layering piece under dresses, blouses and summer weight sweaters.  It is also great as a pajama top, making late-night feedings simple.  Leading Lady offers a variety of nursing camis that will keep you stylish and cool this summer, from our playful polka dot nursing cami, to our square neck nursing cami with a pop of red, or our classic nursing bra cami, available in fun colors like berry and turquoise for summer.

Leading Lady Nursing BraletteLeading Lady’s wirefree nursing bras are absolutely the best choice for hot summer days when you need to keep the layers thin, but still want support.  Our nursing bralette with sweet lace trim is ideal under v-neck shirts.  Our Santoni nursing bra, shirred front comfort nursing bra and cotton wirefree nursing bra (which comes in a 2-pack!), are equal parts comfort and support for your light summer wardrobe.  And if you need some va-va-voom for a night on the town, check out Leading Lady’s lace cup nursing bra in both wirefree and underwire.

Leading Lady Sport Nursing BraIf you’ll be enjoying summer sports this season, our nursing sport bras are an excellent choice to easily transition from nursing to playing.  Whether you’re on the volleyball court, golf course or taking a brisk walk, our sport wirefree nursing bra or our sport nursing bra with padded straps will give you lift and stamina in all the right places!

And we can’t talk about summer nursing wear without mentioning our fabulous nursing chemise.  Available in azalea, blueberry, black and rose with black trim, this nursing gown doubles as an adorable summer dress or beach cover-up.

Keeping your wardrobe breezy from the intimates, out is just a few clicks away.  Now through June 22 when you buy 3 or more bras, you’ll receive $5 off each!

We hope you enjoy the sunshine, stay cool and have a wonderful summer!

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