Celebrate with Mocktails

The holidays are time to be festive. You’ve picked out a great new outfit, and even fabulous new intimates like our lace cup nursing bra in violet, and you’ll want to celebrate.  It is okay to have an occasional glass of wine (6oz) or beer (12oz) at your holiday celebrations.  If you plan on having more than a few drinks throughout your evening, you should consult a lactation consultant for advice.

celebrate with mocktailsHowever, you can lose the booze and still partake in the festivities. If your family is enjoying red wine with dinner, try a Concord grape fizz. Mix three parts Concord grape juice with one part sparkling water or one part lemon-lime soda. Peppermint Schnapps and hot chocolate for dessert? Substitute a peppermint hot chocolate by adding a touch a peppermint extract to your coca. And, when everyone is toasting with champagne, try “pure” champagne by blending ginger ale with pineapple juice and white grape juice.


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