Enjoying Pool Time with Baby while Breastfeeding

Enjoying Pool Time with Baby while BreastfeedingYou may notice that getting out and about with baby gets easier as a routine emerges and you know your babies hourly moods.  While you are surely keeping your home at the perfect temperature and have created an utterly stimulating environment, it’s important for babies to get fresh air and start to explore new visuals and sensations.  An outing to your neighborhood pool or the beach may be an exciting new experience for both of you.

What could be more calming that water, right?

Well, the answer to that question really depends on your baby.  Some babies love the water – perhaps it reminds them of their old stomping grounds in your amniotic fluid.  Other babies hate the sensation of water and will wail during rain or bath, and dread the pool.  Respect the temperament of your baby.  Like many things in their lives, it’s good to give swimming a chance every now and then, even if baby protests.

Because babies have trouble maintaining a stable body temperature, it is important not to keep your baby in cold water for too long.  Likewise, having baby sit in the hot sun for too long can be dangerous for his body and skin.  Be sure to put on UVA and UVB, tear-free, water-proof sunscreen, even on cloudy, overcast days.  Wearing SPF swim shirts are also a good idea.

Leading Lady Nursing ChemiseBring several water toys to engage baby and potentially pre-occupy her if she isn’t thrilled by being in the water.  You can play games like “humpty dumpty” on the side of the pool, or sing songs, jump and twirl in the water to associate fun and interactive times with the pool.

If you’re at the pool during feeding time, be sure to dry your breast completely before feeding baby as she may object to the taste of chlorine or salt water.  Dress for optimal access and style in a fun nursing tank like Leading Lady’s polka dot shirred front comfort nursing cami or match your hot red swimsuit with peek-a-boo red modern square neck nursing cami.  Leading Lady’s nursing chemise also makes a great cover-up!

If the thought of being in a bathing suit this summer after having a baby is terrifying, work up to it gradually. Get active now and slowly work towards your “beach body.”  For low impact exercise in a busy breastfeeding mom’s life, Leading Lady has designed our wirefree sport nursing bra and sport nursing bra with padded straps.

Happy summer, mamas!

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