Essential Wellness Tips for Women in Honor of National Women’s Health Week

Essential Wellness Tips for Women in Honor of National Women’s Health WeekThis week marks National Women’s Health Week, a 7-day celebration of healthy living and lifestyle tips for women across the country. Looking for ways to practice wellness habits every day? We’ve got fitness expert Chris Freytag’s pointers on how to improve your wellness one day at a time. These helpful reminders will not urge you to immediately start training for a marathon (but it’s impressive if that’s your goal!); instead, these tips are the foundation on which a healthy, fulfilling life is built. It’s not all about the physical—these tips address healthy mental habits that successful women follow, too. Enjoy!

Take charge of your physical well-being

How do you start looking after yourself? Get answers about your current health state: visit your doctor and get a comprehensive checkup every year. You won’t know what needs to be worked on if you don’t know there’s a problem to begin with. Stay up-to-date on preventative screenings so you catch any potential issues at the source. Get into the routine of practicing a self-breast exam once a month. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease—these are a few diseases that affect millions of women each year. It might be tough, but they say knowing is half the battle for a reason.

Just say no

It’s time to employ every child’s favorite word: NO. To what are we saying no specifically? The unhealthy habits and crutches we’ve used far too long. Here are examples of emotional and physical acts and practices that should be kicked out of your life and to the curb: texting while driving, constantly complaining, smoking, not wearing a seat belt, lying, ignoring food labels. We’re sure that you can add many other actions to this list! Feel overwhelmed by how many unhealthy actions you practice? Start by making a list and vowing to cross off one physical or mental barrier each week by paying attention to when you lapse into your bad habit. Your improved health is the most important reward from this practice.

Get your groove on

The key to staying active is making time to move throughout the day. Sure, your main workout can be scheduled to a visit to the gym, but your hour-long workout should not be the only time you’ve moved from sunup to sundown. Take five minutes during your work day to walk around the office. Spend the last ten minutes of your lunch break stretching out your shoulders or just standing (especially if you sit at a desk all day). Study after study shows that we are too static in our everyday lives; be conscious of how your body feels after sitting all day. Walking, jogging, hiking, cycling—find your favorite way to move and make an effort to practice that at least three times a week. Your heart will thank you and your mind will feel sharper than ever.

Happy National Women’s Health Week, Leading Ladies. Use this week to make your first step towards a healthier way of life. Your wellness should be your top priority, so tune into what your body needs and start treating it with unconditional love.

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