Family Road Trip Hacks 2

School’s almost out and summer is just weeks away. If you have a family road trip planned, you’ll want to be super prepared to keep your kids happy and busy during the ride. Yesterday we shared activities and snack ideas for your family road trip. Today we’re helping you survive the ride without the annoying “are we there yet?” question and more.

“Are We There Yet?” Hacks

Family Road Trip Hacks 2Nothing frazzles parents more than the constant drone of the question, “are we there yet?” Before the trip, set some clear behavior expectations for kids who are old enough to understand. Then steer your kids away from that dreaded question towards a more productive way to smell the roses along the journey with these hacks:

Follow Along Map: Involve your children in the drive by providing a laminated road map of your route. Let your kiddos follow along with a marker as you get closer and closer to your destination. If you are passing major landmarks, add them to the map so your kids can conceptualize how different parts of the country connect.

Mile Marker Rewards: Before your trip, make surprise bags filled with small items you know your kids will enjoy. As you reach certain predetermined mile markers, reward good behavior with a surprise bag. When someone starts to act out, remind them they may miss their chance at a goodie bag. Hopefully this shapes up their attitude ASAP.

Set the Timer: Let your kids know when to expect breaks by giving them a time range for pit stops, meals and sight-seeing. If they are emerging time-tellers, this can be a great way to practice. Otherwise, set a timer on your mobile phone or bring along a wake-up clock that will turn green when it’s time for a break.

Other Sanity Hacks

Still need more ideas to survive a family road trip? Try these clever suggestions:

Pulley System: Never cramp your neck again by awkwardly passing items to the back seat. Kids and parents love this fun way to send snacks and other supplies from the front to the back of the car. Rig a pulley system along the inside roof and attach a bucket to transport goods.

Inflatable Naps: If you’re headed to the beach and you’re bringing a raft, use it on the road as a nap mat. Inflate it and lay it in the back seat for a quick rest before heading back on your journey.

Survival Supplies: Sometimes successful road trips are all about survival of the fittest. Make sure you have the survival supplies you need including duct tape, binder clips, safety pins, rubber bands, cling wrap, zip bags, bandages, wipes and lots of accessible extra clothes. Moms can fix almost any problems with these supplies on hand.

Wait, that’s not all of the family road trip hacks we have up our sleeves. Get the scoop on keeping your baby happy on the road tomorrow as we finish our family road trip hacks series.

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